CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Help You Get Sleep Anywhere

Have you been through any of these?
Stuck on a long haul flight with small kids next to you?
Spent a night in a hotel room with constant street noise?
Live on a street full of drunk undergrads?
A road trip from hell with screaming kids?

I’ve been through all of these and that’s why I carry a pair of Bose noise cancelling head phones everywhere I go. These headphones drown the noise but they are  bulky and become useless if you are a side sleeper, like me.

I’m therefore leaning towards these CozyPhones Sleep Headphones for around $20. The reviews look good and most people say they are comfy, light weight and breathable. The best feature appears to be how they allow you to sleep on the side. There’s also a kids version to help the whole family be lazy the easy way.

I don’t think you can get anything better for under $20 but I might be wrong. Feel free to hit me up below if you’ve tried these CozyPhones or have similar recommendations.

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