Simple Switches to Reduce your Electricity Bills

I recently received my electricity bill and something made me look at it a bit more carefully.

I discovered that my electricity provider charges me for electricity supplied at three different rates (per kilo wat hour):
◦ Peak rate $0.3 (7-9 am and 5-8 pm X 7 days)
◦ Shoulder rate $0.21 (9am-5pm  and 8-10 pm X 7 days)
◦ Off-peak rate $0.16 (10 pm – 7 am X 7 days)

Notice the price for off-peak is almost 50% less than the peak price!

After that it was simple to make a few little switches to our habits that will save us $ on our electricity bill. For example, we used to always turn the dishwasher in the evening at peak time. Now we wait a little later until off-peak time.  Similarly with the washing machine, we used to turn it on first thing in the morning, now we wait until shoulder or off-peak time.

The one appliance that will need to be powered through peak, shoulder and off-peak times is the fridge. So try to make sure you have an efficient one as it will save you hundreds in your bill.

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