Help your child plan their way to success

My nephew started year 11 last week. He has already had one test and a couple of assignments are becoming due in a week! Yes! He also plays cricket at the competitive level so that is a lot to manage for a young person.

One thing that definitely helps to manage all the competing demands and priorities is a planner, preferably an A3 sized one and a month to a view. It allows you to see at a glance where the pressure points are and helps to plan ahead. It’s a handy tool to work smarter and stress less.

Research has found writing things down helps minimise stresses as it gets it out of your head. Putting it into a planner helps the stresses to be something you can control. For example, imagine two assignments are both due on the same day, three weeks from now. You can plan to start drafting one assignment, maybe the harder one, first and then plan to draft the second assignment the following week. Then you have the third week to polish them both off or whatever suits your fancy really!! So in this example the planner will help you plan out your time to give you the best chance of success with the least stress for you! Working smarter, not harder!!

It’s a good idea to get started on using these planners as a tool early on so it becomes second nature when children need to use it, as they move on to senior schooling and beyond.

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