Inversion or Problem Finding

Lets look at the data for the last 3 year of how much Youtube I’ve watched.

I am not proud of this data but I share it to highlight a very important point:
I did not know it was problem until I looked for it

If we take this example and extrapolate it out to the different areas of life: Physical Health, Mental Health, Wealth, Time, Happiness etc and ask: How can I mess up this area of my life? You’d very quickly be able to fill a long list of ways you could do so.

I remember reading somewhere that people are better at finding problems than we are finding solutions and as we go through and list all the ways we can mess things up, we can take from the great Charlie Munger we apply the inversion technique to simply do the opposite.

I spent 400 hours on Youtube in January of 2023, that’s defiantly a problem, now can I do the opposite and invert it? I can website block it, I can delete it from my phone or restrict my watching time.

I like to think positively, I give my attention to how things can go well rather than how they can go wrong but as Charlie says, ‘it’s easier to avoid stupidity than it is to seek brilliance’, so if I know all the ways I can be stupid across all the areas of life and then invert it to do the opposite, I’ll win.

Try the inversion technique with whatever area/s you wish to analyse, it could be designing a product or preparing for the bullrun. Yes it may be painful but you’ll become problem aware rather of ways it could go wrong and avoid them by invert the problems into solutions.

I love to help people find roles in real estate as well as help people with mindset, feel free to have a chat with me anytime for either:

I’m getting an amazing education from Erik and The Guild to prepare for the upcoming bull run, he invested $100,000 last bull run and made 15 million and lost it and his purpose is make sure no one experiences what he went through this time around:

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