Airdrop Alert – Olive Finance | V2 Incentivised Testnet

Olive Finance in a Nutshell

Olive Finance, a pioneer in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), is revolutionizing the landscape by offering an innovative approach to yield farming. This trailblazing platform opens the door to increased yield potential with leverage of up to 10x for Liquidity Provider (LP) token enthusiasts. This ingenious strategy enables yield farmers to amplify their returns on their preferred LP tokens. The foundation for these leveraged positions is built upon dedicated lending vaults. Within these vaults, cryptocurrency holders contribute their assets, which then become accessible for LP vaults to borrow. As a result, lenders enjoy passive income, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Participate and Claim Points for Potential Future Airdrop

1️⃣ Get some Arbitrum Goerli Eth to pay for gas:

🔹Claim Goerli ETH from the faucet –
🔹Add Arbitrum Goerli to MetaMask –
🔹Bridge Goerli ETH to Arbitrum Goerli via the official bridge –

2️⃣ Interact daily with Olive Finance V2 and earn DROPS:

🔹Go to the Olive Finance App –
🔹Connect your wallet and verify invite code ‘fLj2iKNc’ to get 500 DROPS.
🔹Click on the ‘Faucet’ option (, click on the big green button and confirm on your wallet to claim test funds.
🔹Click on the ‘Lend’ option(, click on any pool, enter token amount, click on ‘Approve’ button, confirm on wallet, click on ‘Deposit’ and confirm on your wallet. You will get 50 DROPS for each dollar you add to the lending pool. So the strategy is simple – claim faucet daily and deposit USDC to the pool.
🔹Click on the ‘Vaults’ option (, click on any Vault, enter token amount, Set leverage to 2x, click ‘Approve’, confirm on your wallet, click on ‘Deposit’ and confirm on your wallet.

3️⃣ Claim Galxe OAT + 100 Points

🔹Complete all tasks –

Boost your DROPS earnings with bonus tasks:
🔹Join Zealy and complete all tasks –
🔹Share your referral links with friends and maximize your rewards.

The insentivized testnet ends on 31st October 2023, so earn as much DROPS as possible till then.

🤔 Project looks and feels good but time will tell how it will deliver a big airdrop and utility. Stay tuned for updates!

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