A Lazy Guide to Crypto Airdrops

Yes, this is our ‘lazy’ (smarter, not harder) guide to crypto airdrops! 

According to Coindesk, an ‘airdrop’ is a crypto project sending free tokens en masse to their communities to encourage adoption. The Lazy Society’s definition of a crypto airdrop is simply getting early and taking advantage smarter, not harder. 

Trying to qualify for crypto airdrops is usually time sensitive, and you need to be ready to sell at the optimum time without being greedy and holding on. Some famous crypto airdrops, notably Uniswap and DYDX, have rewarded their early users big time by dropping a heap of tokens into their crypto wallets for completing simple tasks over a period of time. Users were airdropped tokens worth approximately $5K to 10K into each of their MetaMask wallets. Many examples of these types of airdrop events inspired us to start The Lazy Society Discord, stay plugged in (even during the bear market), and get into future narratives in style as early as possible.

Types of crypto airdrops

There are many types of airdrops in the crypto space, and it keeps evolving. It’s hard to track unless you are in the space daily.  

Incentivized testnets

Participating in incentivized testnets such as Sui make you qualify for crypto airdrops

Almost all major upcoming crypto projects (especially exchanges and those in the decentralized finance (Defi) space) host testing environments before going live to allow their communities to interact with the platforms they are planning to deliver. 

Most of these projects reward their early users when they go live by distributing a certain percentage of their tokens to their community, and this is called an incentivized testnet. Yes, the keyword here is ‘incentivized’, else it’s just a waste of time, and we move on. 

It’s increasingly common for crypto games to release NFTs or POAPs to their communities early as an incentive for testing their games and providing feedback. The most engaged community members have the best chance of winning an airdrop for interacting with the games. The hint here is to stay continually engaged! 

At The Lazy Society, we only hunt down incentivized testnets that have the potential (another keyword here!) of delivering a big airdrop in the future. For example, a new Layer 1 project called Aptos airdropped around $1500 to $3000 worth of tokens on 19 October 2022 to those who interacted with their platform before launch. We shared this alpha one month earlier, and those who took action got rewarded. It’s as simple as that and delivered to you on a platter!

Crypto projects without tokens

Look out for major crypto projects without tokens to qualify crypto airdrops

Crypto projects without tokens are often referred to as ‘tokenless protocols’. These projects support the backbone of crypto, whether helping convert normal monetary funds into crypto (aka on ramping), moving crypto across multiple chains, saving fees, non-fungible token marketplaces, crypto wallets, or interacting with the wonderful decentralized finance protocols. So many existing and upcoming projects without tokens do large volumes of daily transactions. It’s hard to keep track of all of them, but we try our best to do the needle in the haystack, and lots of needles need to be found. 

Once you join our Discord, you can join our Premium channel to uncover major tokenless projects with a high probability of airdropping to early users.  

Play to airdrop  

The play-to-airdrop scene is gathering steam with play-to-games and Metaverse projects starting to heat up. A good example is the Sandbox game, which is yet to go live but offers anyone a chance to get rewarded SAND tokens by playing its alpha releases for free. All you need to do is get a MetaMask and sign up to play. We are currently up to Alpha 3, and it has evolved. Buying in-game NFT (Non-Fungible Token) characters and assets give you a bigger chance of winning rewards. I must say it’s been quite an evolution, and Season 3 is looking solid from where it started last year. These types of play to earn metaverses make me optimistic about crypto’s future. 

Another recent project enticing people to play to airdrop is the Pixels farming game, which says they will be airdropping to 20,000 wallets for playing their beta version in October 2022. No one knows when or how much it will be, but there is a lot of hype around the concepts and backers, notably Animoca Brands (also investors in the Sandbox). One of our Lazy Society members took action and made it to the top 200. We are cheering them on, hoping they will end up with a big airdrop. A warning that this game can get addictive, it’s also a bit repetitious and mind-numbing at times, but I feel that it has all the ingredients to become a top play to earn economy in the future. 

There is lots more where that came from, and this is all happening in the middle of crypto winter, where there is little hype, and even degens are taking a well-deserved rest. But it’s proven time and time again that those who plug in and work smarter, while most have abandoned the floor, will reap the ultimate rewards in the long term. This type of motivation drives us here at The Lazy Society, so we’ll be around no matter what!

Why subscribe to The Lazy Society for airdrop alpha?

Crypto airdrops are one of the main reasons we decided to start The Lazy Society Discord server and share regular updates with our loyal community.

We provide airdrop alpha for free in our public channel, and there is also the premium channel for potentially game-changing airdrops to do with the next big narratives (similar to DYDX, UniSwap, Solana, Avax, Comos, dare we say ‘Luna’, and so many in the last cycle). 

Every crypto airdrop opportunity is different, but details of how you can qualify can be via a well-written Medium article, Twitter thread, Discord channel, or a YouTube video. We provide our community with the necessary information to qualify. If you are brand new to the crypto space, we have mentors who would be happy to guide you through the pre-requisite steps (i.e. setup Binance, crypto wallets, and so on).

We jump into airdrops head first and inform the community only if it’s worthwhile. At The Lazy Society, we like to keep things easy for our community by curating airdrop opportunities daily and sharing only the best ones. It’s what The Lazy Society rejects that makes The Lazy Society the best! Wait, I’ve heard that line, but we also hate reinventing the wheel.

We also point to simple hacks for completing airdrop tasks quicker (smarter, not harder). For example, we suggest Youtube videos for completing Sandbox and Pixels farming quests.

We want to generate life-changing income together!

Be careful! There are lots of scams out there.

Crypto is still the wild wild west, and there are so many scams out there, so be careful and do the following before trying to set up airdrops:

1. Check the source! Popular projects invite scammers to post malicious links designed to get you wrecked, and all it takes is one click.

2. Always use burner wallets! Burner wallets are test wallets that don’t store your real crypto assets.

3. Always do your research. Being a skeptic is good, so research the project inside out. 

Crypto airdrops tips and tricks

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Look for airdrop opportunities that haven’t dropped yet by using the search term ‘Crypto Airdrop’ on Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube. Make sure these have a lot of followers and are reputable. 
  3. Search for the keywords ‘incentivized airdrop’ within Medium articles.  
  4. Check in with the projects regularly via their social media channels to get ahead of time-sensitive information. 
  5. Be consistent, start a calendar and interact with platforms as part of your weekly reschedule. Projects seem to reward the most engaged and consistent users of their platforms.
  6. Get technical and deep dive once in a while. You learn how various projects will not only provide crypto space but ultimately contribute to making our world a better place, which again gets me back to the ‘why‘ we are doing this.

Check out our 5 tips of success for unlocking the secrets of airdrop farming here.

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