My Why, How and What of Crypto

Why Crypto

When I started investing in crypto back in late 2017, I just aped into some crypto coins based on hype and didn’t really know what I was getting into. Luckily they weren’t all bad.

Then back in early 2021, I discovered Crypto Banter of course and found a fantastic platform called IM Academy, where I found my true “why” on how to ride the crypto market the smarter way.

Before I start anything now I ask myself ‘why‘ am doing it?’ before moving on to the how and what. Unfortunately, when it comes to crypto, I notice many people start with the ‘what’ and invest into hype coins with no fundamental long-term and get themselves wrecked in the process.

I now try and apply Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle principle to everything I do in life because it helps define purpose very clearly.

I have struggled to define my clear ‘why’ around crypto, but around six months in the IM Academy helped me achieve this, hopefully inspiring anyone reading this article.

The WHY?

Why Crypto? To help change my like and the world!
  1. Help change my life means creating time for the things I love to do like spending time with family, snowboarding, travel and help create life changing wealth.
  2. Help change the world means investing in technology which help improve the way with live, work and play for the better.

The HOW?

The big institutions are getting into crypto, and they don’t want us to know about it! So, shhh… don’t tell anyone. WE KNOW!

How Crypto? Invest, DEFI, Metaverse and NFTs
HODL =’Hold on for dear life’ in our wonderful world of crypto, aka don’t sell your bags ever!


Investing for me means a delicate balancing act of HODL’ing blue-chip assets for the long-term and trading crypto coins in the short-term for ongoing passive income. When you get into investing, you will also discover airdrops opportunities, where a project will reward you with crypto tokens for investing early or helping to test their project = free money! Click here for upcoming potential airdrops.

The IM Academy teaches you how to build your crypto portfolio using different trading strategies, daily signals, and easy-to-use software.

DEFI (Decentralised Finance)

Crypto offers you the opportunity to ‘unbank’ yourself from the traditional banks who pay you a whopping interest of 1% or 2% for leaving your hard-earned funds inside a bank account. But, like what happened to the dinosaurs, the banks are running for the hills with the introduction of DEFI = the future of banking!

DEFI offers the opportunity to stake your crypto assets starting from 15% to 20% interest for low-risk investments and up to 50,000% and upwards for higher-risk plays. The IM Academy teaches you proper risk management and guides you to build your own balance DEFI portfolio even when the market is down.


According to Wikipedia, a Metaverse is a virtual-reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. The Metaverse narrative has created another level of income-generating opportunities within the crypto space, especially since Facebook changed their name to Meta.

If you want to experience a decentralised Metaverse right now for free, I recommend diving headfirst into Decentraland. Within this interactive Metaverse, attend upcoming events and collect as many Proof of Attendance Protocols (POAP) and wearables as possible. At a minimum, check into the Golf Craft game, keep your character in the game (by simply keeping your computer on) and earn tokens for future benefits. You can also jump into Wondermine and start mining meteors to earn some wearables over time which also give you a Mining Bonus (2-3% per item minted). The best thing about Decentraland is that it’s free to hit the ground running.

The Metaverse theme goes hand in hand with the play to earn gaming, and being early to this space makes it even more exciting. Like our traditional ‘dinosaur’ banks, the current mainstream gaming industry and platforms like Steam are going to feel left behind when play to earn games start taking over the world. So it’s no wonder cutting edge gaming studios, and PC infrastructure companies are beginning to hire NFT and blockchain specialists behind the curtains. Don’t worry you are early to the show and still have time to grab popcorn and drinks. You can buy NFT land blocks and in-game assets in upcoming play to earn games and invest in the future of gaming.

Decentraland is just one Metaverse, and there is certainly more where that is from. You can learn all about the Metaverse and play to earn gaming simply by plugging into the training with the IM Academy here.

I also recommend following these Metaverse degens if you want to stay ahead of the curb:

  • Elliotrades –
  • Alex Becker –
  • Crypto Banter (Gaming) –


Non Fungible Tokens are starting to take off with mainstream adoption. More and more institutions are beginning to make NFTs an integral part of the marketing strategy, like this example from McDonalds promoting their McRib burger NFT giveaway. I can already see a McDonalds Happy Meal coming with an NFT.

Musicians are starting to leave centralised platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, and looking for new ways to earn more via decentralised platforms such as AirNFTs.

You can play the NFT market by flipping short-term or buying potential blue chips and holding for the long term. Check out our simple guide to buying NFTs here and recommend joining the IM Academy if you want to dive deeper.


How I define my What in crypto is building a toolbox to help navigate this volatile space in a smarter manner and get results!

What Crypto? Build your crypto toolbox and achieve your results.


Four years in crypto have shown me that professional training with live educators is highly recommended, and that’s why I decided to join the IM Academy in mid-2021. Once you learn how to fish, you can apply the training and ride the crypto market smarter (not harder).


Developing a crypto strategy for me involves mapping out a balanced portfolio (with 50% low, 30% medium and 20% high-risk investments) and a simple entry/exit strategy in relation to each of my positions. Everyone is different, so it’s crucial to build a plan that works with your lifestyle and time frame.


Creating crypto wallets outside of centralised exchanges is the key to growing your wealth in crypto, allowing you to dive deeper into DEFI, Metaverses and NFT trading. There are so many wallets, with Metamask being the most common one.


I’ve noticed many people come into the crypto space thinking they’ll get rich overnight and treat it like it’s a casino. These people buy coins based on someone else’s recommendation without knowing their fundamentals or price. Then, they buy the top, sell the bottom, leave with a loss and call crypto a scam.

Therefore, it’s critical to do your own research before investing in any crypto by doing the following at a minimum:

  1. Read their whitepaper and roadmap.
  2. Research the team and their previous achievements.
  3. Join their social channels (i.e. Twitter, Telegram and Discord) and suss out the community vibes.


Crypto is the wild west, and there are many scammers in the space trying to steal your hard-earned investments. But, thanks to the IM Academy, here are a few things I’ve learnt to stay safe in the crypto space:

  • Never store your crypto on your mobile device – its easy to hack.
  • Get a secure encrypted email for signing up to exchanges (not Gmail or Hotmail).
  • Store your long term crypto in a Hardware wallet.


I had always underestimated the value of having mentors in the crypto space until I discovered IM Academy. This platform not only provides the best crypto training but also connects you with like-minded so you can continually bounce investment and trading ideas. This is especially great for newbies who like to dive straight into the deep end, knowing they have some lifeguards watching over them to lend a hand.


You need to sign up to one or more centralised crypto exchanges to buy crypto for the first time. This is because there are so many crypto exchanges, mainly Coinbase, Binance and Kucoin. It’s hard to recommend which exchange to sign up for because it depends on your shopping list and strategy. CoinGecko can help you find where to buy a coin simply by selecting the Markets tab.

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