The Will to Prepare to Win

Most of us see ourselves winning big in this upcoming bull run.
We make a fortune, retire from our jobs and drinking cocktails on a beach for the rest of our days.
What could be easier than that?

(for the next little while, this article is the perspective of someone who does ZERO preparation, it’s not aimed at anyone, just making a point)

Crypto is like the lottery after all, right?
You just get a wallet, do some trades and hey presto out comes the millions.

But is it really as simple as that?
Is it that easy?

Something nags at you that perhaps there is something you’ve overlooked, perhaps you’ve not prepared enough or done enough to feel like you are well informed.

You ignore the feeling and enjoy the view from standing atop the peak of Mount Stupid and watch as the bullrun escapes you while others ride off into the sunset Indiana Jones style (music and all).

Then down you go into the Valley of Despair, along with millions of others who didn’t take the time to PREPARE to win.

The next bull run is in 4-5 years, see you then, bye!

(ok we’re back)

This won’t be you, nor will it be me. Because we know the difference between winning, and preparing to win. Vince Lombardi, the famous Green Bay Packers coach put it beautifully:

Preparation is the difference maker. Every man, woman and basement dweller wants to hit big on the bull run, but how many will study?

How many will research? Ask questions? Try and seek help? Mock trade?
A large majority will not I would argue.

This is because everyone’s wants to win. That’s the fun part, the accolades, the award or million in the bank. Yet the reality is that this golden opportunity will be capitalised by those who have prepared for it ahead of time, not those who sit back and try and catch the wave.

This preparation rule applies to all endeavours people pursue, it is not they don’t want to win, quite the opposite, it’s putting the required work ahead of the opportunity where people fall off.

Ask yourself:
Do I know enough about what is going to happen?
Do I have all the pieces in place?
Am I engaged in a vibrant community of people willing to help? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

I’m not, and i’m glad i’ve caught it early of the big dance to make sure my footwork is up to the task. Get prepared early to ensure you don’t have two left feet.

I’ll leave you with this, Socrates was known as one the wisest philosophers and when asked how he got so wise answered:

If you know that you don’t know everything, there is always something to learn.

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