Airdrop Alert – Bitcoin Alpha | Interact and Earn Airdrop Points


🔹Built on the #Bitcoin network.
🔹Fully decentralized and permissionless.
🔹 Enhanced UX for seamless Key trading and alpha calls sharing.

🤔 Bitcoin Alpha seems to resemble but it’s built on $BTC, allowing you to buy and sell people’s Keys! We’ve jumped on board in the early stages, and we’re eagerly anticipating how this concept evolves over the next few months. 📈

👀 Here’s the exciting part: By simply opening the app, you can effortlessly earn up to 10 Airdrop points daily. But if you’re a degen like me, you can take it a step further by using your ☕️ funds to engage in buying and selling Keys. Depositing $TC is a breeze; just enter the code and deposit ETH or BTC. 💰🔄

More about Bitcoin Alpha

Meet Bitcoin Alpha, the innovative decentralized social network that follows a similar concept to On Bitcoin Alpha, users can engage in the exciting world of trading “keys,” formerly known as “shares,” which are directly linked to Twitter (now X) accounts. These keys open the door to exclusive in-app chatrooms and premium content from your chosen X user. Bitcoin Alpha proudly presents itself as “the ultimate marketplace for your social connections,” offering a fresh perspective on digital interactions. Join this revolution and redefine how you connect with your friends in the digital age.

Check our guide here more alpha on upcoming decentralized social apps. Don’t worry, you’re still super early!

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