3 Eco-friendly Cool Gadgets To Keep Your Devices Charged

Cool gadgets to keep devices charged

Here are 3 eco-friendly cool gadgets to keep your devices charged at all times, whether you at home or on the run. Make a switch to solar-powered gadgets to harness the power of natural sunlight and help save our fragile planet.

Apartment Dwellers – Solar Window Charger

You don’t need your own home to harness the power from the sun. The Window Solar Charger from GroupHug is perfect for renters to get energy from the sun to charge keep devices charged, and the eco-friendly bamboo frame will also complement your home decor. This cool gadget suitable for people living in small inner-city apartments, where putting solar panels on a roof is not an option. It will charge just about any USB device, including iPhones, Android phones, smartwatches, bike lights, portable speakers, and so on.


  • Built-in rechargeable 3,400-mAh battery which takes 8 to 10 hours of direct sun to charge in full  
  • 10W solar panel
  • Built-in USB port
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Suction cup hook that can be attached to any window

Long Distrance Travellers – Port Solar Charger

The Port Solar Charger is an eco-friendly cool gadget for long distance travellers

The Port Solar Charger is perfect for long-distance and environment-conscious travelers who want to keep their devices charged using natural sunlight by turning any window into a power outlet. You can keep your mobile office up and running anywhere using natural light, whether it is working out of an airplane seat, road tripping, or your favorite café or coworking space without scoping out power outlets – better for our planet! All you need to do attach the circular disk to a window facing sunlight. This cool gadget is also ultra-compact and lightweight, enabling you to take it anywhere.


  • Built-in rechargeable 1000-mAh battery
  • Can be charged via USB or natural sunlight
  • Ultra-compact weighing only 3.8oz (108g)
  • 5 LED lights indicate charge left
  • Outdoor adventurers

Adventurers – BioLite SolarPanel 10+

The BioLite SolarPanel 10+ is an eco-friendly cool gadget for adventurers

The BioLite SolarPanel 10+ will satisfy the avert outdoor adventurers and off-the-grid survivalists’ needs to keep their devices charged with the rays from the sun. This cool gadget’s folding design makes it easy to pack for an adventure, and the 360 degree simplifies positioning on an uneven terrain o capture direct rays for maximum charge. You can attach it to your backpack and let it charge whilst hiking trails.


  • Built-in rechargeable 3000 mAh battery
  • 10W of power via built-in USB outlet
  • 360 kickstand, which works in any direction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ultra-thin weighs only 19.36oz
  • Battery and charge Strength Indicator

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