Airdrop Alert – Areon (New Layer 1) | Areon Testnet Airdrop is Live

Areon in a Nutshell

Areon Network is a decentralized layer 1 blockchain project celebrated for its unwavering development. At its core, Areon Chain empowers users to build dApps and conduct lightning-fast, low-fee transactions via its unique Proof of Area consensus mechanism, supporting an impressive 600,000 TPS. Beyond payments, Areon embraces a versatile ecosystem, enabling NFT minting, secure storage in the Areon Wallet, and participation in the MetAreon NFT marketplace with competitive gas fees. Developers flock to Areon Chain for its scalability and affordability, fostering a diverse range of dApps, including games. The network also boasts Areon City, an integral part of the Proof of Area validation process, promoting decentralization through land ownership within the city as a validator prerequisite.

Complete Tasks for Potential Future Airdrop


1. Complete all testnet tasks.
2. Join Zealy and complete as many tasks as possible –

Check out their Testnet Official Guide –

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