Airdrop Alert – Tusima Network | Complete Tasks for Potential Future Rewards

Tusima in a Nutshell

Tusima is a privacy-focused financial network for the web 3.0 era. It employs advanced technologies like zero-knowledge proofs and encryption to protect transaction privacy on the blockchain. It’s flexible, scalable, and can be integrated into various financial systems. Tusima also offers tools for building private financial applications. It operates globally, securely connecting nodes and ensuring consensus among them, with robust account security features. Essentially, it’s a powerful tool for enhancing financial privacy and functionality on the internet.

Complete Tasks for Potential Future Airdrop

✨ Tusima Network Update | Complete Tasks for Potential Future Rewards

1. Claim tokens from the faucet –
🔹If you don’t have any ETH on zkSync Era Testnet for claiming testnet tokens, bridge your ETH to zkSync Era Testnet using Orbiter Finance. Here’s the link – .

2. Transfer test tokens between Goerli and skSync Testnet –
🔹This step involves transferring assets, including TSM, USDT, and USDC, from Goerli to zkSync Testnet. You’ll also perform transfers in the opposite direction, sending some assets back from zkSync to Goerli.

3. Send messages between Goerli and skSync Testnet –

4. Complete the following Galxe tasks:
➡️ Part 1: Complete a few social tasks to claim 105 points –

➡️ Part 2: If you have completed steps 2 and 3 above, its now time to claim 400 points –

5. Do Zealy early birds tasks and claim special roles –

🗒️ Check out their full step-by-step guide here –


🤔 Its working much better than in December 22, and I’m impressed how much this project has evolved in a bear market.

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