Crypto Banter Can Help Change Your Life

I feel very lucky to have discovered the Crypto Banter group just when the Crypto market started to go ballistic at the start of April 2021. They have helped me make some solid gains so thought I’ll give them a special shout-out.

I’ve followed many Crypto channels over the years, but this one is above, beyond, and out of the box… simply amazing! I find the people running Crypto Banter are very humble, analytical, comprehensive, and I recommend subscribing to their Youtube channel and Telegram groups to keep tabs on everything Crypto!

I would like to explain Crypto Banter from a Why, How, and What perspective (as per Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle approach). Feel free to comment below if I’ve missed anything, and I will update this article accordingly.

In short… Crypto Banter will guide you to the water but its up to you to drink it!

WHY Crypto Banter?

Firstly let’s start with why Crypto? It will be the way of the future whether you like it or not. There’s never been a better time to invest in future technologies! Except maybe before December 2017, as explained in this article back then.

Genuine and Down To Earth

Ok, so let’s move on to why Crypto Banter? This highly engaging community has a vision of becoming the world’s premier, credible source of streaming Crypto information, as mentioned on their website.

The Crypto Banter community is a FREE online community led by a team of very successful Cypto Currency investors, claiming to be the world’s first 24/7 interactive social cast for the crypto community. As of checking today, they over 125k subscribers growing at a staggering rate of 1000-2000 subscribers a day! Even Paris Hilton is stalking out this channel, probably due to its massive giveaway of coin worth 3-5 million after achieving 250k subscribers. This is apparently the biggest giveaway in Crypto history.

They also have a strict code of ethics:

Crypto Banter Code of Ethics

Ran The Man, Sheldon The Sniper and Notable Special Guests

Crypto Banter provides regular Youtube uploads on general market updates, buy/sell calls, and detailed analysis of hot in the Crypto market. The show is led superbly by Ran Neuner (from, who coordinates each live stream with the latest trends, recommendations, Sheldon (The Sniper), and latest buy/sell calls. He also brings in special guests like Box Mining, Lisa N Edwards, Wendy O, Coach K, Crypto Casey, Mr. Business, and many more to get different perspectives. It’s also great to see more women getting into Crypto. Lets not forget Producer Fred who keeps the show running smoothly and dropping the best Degen bombs which seem to 10x most of the time (like Trias lol).

For more background on Ran and his Crypto story and portfolio, check out the video below.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced Crypto investor, following their channel and telegram group may help you change your life very quickly if you take the right course of action.

HOW to follow Cyrpto Banter?

Its so simple! All you need to do is:

1. Subscribe to their Youtube channel here!

Check out the Crypto Banter Channel

2. Join their Telegrams groups to keep up-to-date!

Crypto Banter Announcements ( – Get announcements of upcoming Youtube live stream updates, new and exciting projects like Don-key which I love), new coin offerings, and a pulse on all exciting things Crypto.

Crypto Banter ( – There are over 21k members in there so never a dull moment with opinions on which coins are going to the moon and useful tips. There are warnings about scammers trying to lure people into buying fake coins and so forth you have to be mindful.

3. Follow them on Twitter!

Crypto Banter –
Crypto Man Ran –
Sheldon The Sniper –

Remember, don’t just follow! If you find them amazing (like I do), contribute to the community by sharing their content on social media and providing feedback to the group.

Oh, and did I mention the $3-5mil Banter Bags giveaway?

WHAT will you get?

Maybe the prize money if you subscribe now!

But on a serious side, you will get the following and lots more:

Short-term trading calls for buys and sells

The Crypto bull market can be overwhelming when so much is happening. It’s hard to keep tabs because a week in Crypto can feel like a year in a stock market. If you haven’t got your finger on the pulse, you will miss out on opportunities that may not come around again for a long time. You can earn some serious passive income just by executing their calls correctly.

Cypto Banter makes their Announcements Telegram chat group, and you can watch The Sheldon go to work. Sheldon is the best chart analyst I’ve ever come across, and he’s helped me 4x my current short-term portfolio.

Keep tabs on upcoming projects you can invest in

Crypto Banter showcasing the Don-Key project

Imagine if this channel was around back in 2010 when Bitcoin was just kicking off? They would analyse it to bits, people behind the project (satoshi… hmm!), and potential for its 1000x run in the future.

From my experience, these guys are the best at picking out the best projects and initial coin offering projects and putting them in front of you clearly and concisely. This includes explaining why the project is exciting, bringing the right players to analyze the why/how/what, introducing key players and investors onboard.

For example, check out this post on Telegram post about an exciting project called Don-Key to be listed publicly in May 2021 and looking at it dept via a Youtube live stream.

So all you have to decide is whether to invest and follow or not, which keeps life easy!

The bit about Don-key is after 46 minutes

Ps. Don-key has massive potential if it can be delivered via an easy-to-use interface…. hint – call me if you need an experienced Business Analyst with UI/UX skills. 😉

Teach you ‘how to fish’

I loved recently how ‘they teach how to fish’, which means teaching you how to draw your own graphs and catch lucrative trades! As well as providing relevant buy/sell calls, Sheldon (The Sniper) shows you how to draw your own charts and how to invest smartly for FREE! This is invaluable information which will usually cost a lot of money if you go through a formal course, but it’s all done for FREE. I found this to be invaluable information, especially for new investors like myself. Check out this Charting Masterclass episode below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates.

The channel is very engaging

Ran runs a smooth operation which is always to the point! If someone starts to rumble on gets too detailed, he cracks the whip and asks them to keep it concise. I love that because the Crypto space is overwhelming over, Crypto Banter knows how to keep it simple for the community.

If there is a live trade that needs to be executed, he’ll bring in Sheldon right away; it is done right in front of the eyes… the chart goes BOOM, off to the MOON!

Did I mention they were entertaining? These guys are hilarious and very down-to-earth! Unlike some of the other people in this space who too geeky or just over the top.

Helps you make informed decisions when investing

The Crypto Banter teaches you how to run the market and make a genuine profit and invest in a smart manner like how to…

  • Is now the time to be patient in a bull market and buy dips?
  • When is it best to buy bitcoin versus the altcoins and swing back?
  • When is a good time to pull back and hold.?
  • What coins should be in your bag?
  • What ‘shit coins’ should you buy now to make short-term profits?
  • And so much more!

One of the best things I’ve learned about this highly volatile market is how to play the market as per Scott Melker’s tweet.

Keeps you motivated to get more involved in the Crypto space

To me, life is about living working smarter, not harder hence The Lazy Society. This does not mean sitting on the couch do anything and expecting things to be handed over to you. Crypto Banter motivates you to get off that sofa and start getting involved more in the Crypto space to create passive and generation wealth opportunities.

There are so many ways you can get involved in the Crypto with current and upcoming projects in exchange for coins and pre-launch allocations, which could 1000x when launched into major exchanges like Contributions may include requesting to write project reports, design stuff, online promotions via social media, testing products, helping to control a telegram channel, and so much more.

If you want more motivation, check out this cool rant by the main man Ran around the 32-minute mark of this video:

Inspiring to live and work smarter in the future

Cryptocurrency and the entire blockchain space are new and exciting, inspiring ideas for living smarter (not harder) very soon. It’s also about taking the power back from corrupt Government and having more control of our lives regardless of where we live. It’s like how the Internet started, and now is the time to invest in creating a decentralized world. ‘dumb money’ (USD, AUD, etc.) as described by Ran, will be a thing of the past.

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7 Replies to “Crypto Banter Can Help Change Your Life

  1. Well done thank you for writing this master peace .I follow it every day twice and I like sheldon very much he can make you rich. Greatings for Holland

  2. Good day Gentleman
    I have watched Shelton’s video last night and i was rocked very deep down
    I did not realized that there is types of persons like yourself in this world.
    Ran my deepest thanks to you for inviting Shelton on your show and for EVERYTHING that your show is doing to the community
    I think after this video now I an ready to really concentrate on my port folio and start to listen more intensely to your advice THANK YOU SO MUCH

    1. Thanks for your comments Martin, I’ll pass this onto the team. Sheldon’s story also inspired me, and it’s awesome to see how they are changing people’s lives for the better.

  3. Love them all…. Ran, my boo Sheldon and you forgot to mention the Producer Freddie. The show runs smoothly because of him. I don’t believe in coincidences much and know this wa divine intervention finding these guys. The Best!!

    1. Yah ditto! Haven’t missed an episode so far and my portfolio keeps growing. Noted thank you, I will mention our one and only NFT warrior Producer Freddie.

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