Live Life The Easy Way By Freelancing on Fiverr

Get into freelancing the easy with Fiverr

The world is getting smaller! Freelancing and working remotely is the way of the future and has become a critical part of businesses around the world.

Freelancing gives you the flexibility to work where you want without sacrificing your lifestyle choices. It is a fact however that not everyone can become a freelancer and it all depends on your skills. If you are a programmer, graphic designer, writer, SEO specialist or picking up specific skill(s) to fulfil someone’s online need quickly, then freelancing may work for you.

There are lots of freelancing platforms out there but most of them are not easily accessible, not very user- friendly, restrictive and lacks interest from businesses.

If you would like to get into freelancing the easy way, I highly recommend you check out Fiverr. Here are some advantages of using Fiverr:

  • Fiverr allows you to think outside the box, identify a need and fulfil online using one of your skills.
  • You are not limited to charging $5 a gig. You can set up add-ons and create a nice side business for yourself. The $5 fee is just an entry to your business, the add-ons allow you to scale it up as you go.
  • Work as much or as little as you want and pause your Gig if you need a break.

Fiverr stands apart from other platforms in this way:

  • Unique concept. Fiverr is a place where you can set up a virtual store. Create detailed pages that explain what you’re offering and how you can help customers. You can also offer different service packages.
  • Allows you to get started by charging a low fee. You can start with a $5 rate and charge higher prices for add-ons later.
  • You can tailor your rates to the clients budget on their “help wanted” ads.

Click here to sign up and follow the bouncing ball. Some great tips and courses here.

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