Keep Life Easy with the Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini Cool Gadget

The Google Nest Mini is a cool gadget that is similar to the Google Home Mini but it has many extra features and improvements. I have had it for a week now and I have found it is a very good speaker and has good volume capacity. You can also adjust the bass setting which is a useful and fun add on. I have also found that it can give a wide range of information such as the scores and results of cricket and basketball games which is surprising to me. It will all give you information on the weather and places near you (it will also tell you how far those places are). This wide range of information makes my life so much easier.

This cool gadget can also call people for you which is a cool add on. Another feature I have found useful is that you can set up morning and night routines. At night, when I say ‘Goodnight’ it asks what time I want to set an alarm in the morning and it also asks if I want it to play relaxing sounds. The relaxing sounds are a cool extra bonus but setting an alarm just makes my life easier. 

The Google Home App is also a cool app that you have to install when you get this cool gadget. This app has many customizable options and it is pretty easy to use. There are routines that the Google Nest Mini and start when you say a certain voice command. These routines are customizable through the app and through my experience customizing my routines have made my life a lot easier. I can add extra voice commands to activate the routine and I can also add steps to it. Types of routines include bedtime, morning, workday, leaving home and many more. The app also includes control of media and broadcast. The app has a help-centre too and it tracks the device’s activity. All considered this app is well made and is easy to use. 

The Google Nest Mini is a good quality eco-friendly build. The fabric on the top is made of 100% recycled plastic and the external enclosure is made of 35% recycled plastic. There is also a wall mount included as featured in the photo on the bottom left. A fun little bonus is that this cool gadget comes in a variety of colours like charcoal, sky blue, chalk and coral red. The volume buttons appear on each side as shown in the photo on the bottom right. This cool gadget is also very small and can fit in small places or crowded desks. 

The Google Nest Mini comes at a very affordable price of $79 AUD. In my opinion, I think it is worth it due to the fact that it comes with many cool features and capabilities. It also has a good build quality, design and it is eco-friendly. It performs well overall and it can hear you from a mid to far range. Google has also improved the sound quality when designing this cool gadget. I would highly recommend it for those looking for a good-quality affordable smart speaker/assistant or are just looking to make their life easier.

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