How to Manifest Anything You Want

To manifest anything you want must eliminate negative thoughts & words.

Your conscious mind must not be allowed to impress the subconscious with fear, doubt, worry or anything that is not your ultimate good.

For if it impresses the subconscious mind with negavitiy, it blocks the supply.

How does it work

Our minds are made up of three parts: conscious, subconscious and superconscious. By impressing the subconscious over and over again with what we want & acting as though we have already received, we are telling the superconscious (god or energy) what to bring into our lives

This force can be used for good or bad, it all depends on the person’s thoughts and words. For whatever is repeated with emotion over a period of time is what appears.

So as to vibrate at a level of expectancy and excitement for the good you will recive and act as though you’ve already received is your connection to the infinite supply.

This sounds kinda crazy

It is, considering millions of people are using this godlike power the wrong way.

Our thoughts and words are the two most powerful forces we have available to us, each of us have the god mind within, it’s just that most misuse it for bringing in what they don’t want, rather than what they do.

Everyone knows how to worry, what you need to practice is praying. Praying for what you want and digging your ditch for when then prayer is answered, not if.

You can have anything you want but to do so you must use positive thoughts & words repeatedly to mould it from the formless divine substance into physical reality.

The success stories of men and women have used this technique to manifest their dreams into reality, it my sincere hope that you learn this power and use it for yourself.

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