Manifest Your Reality with the Power of Your Thoughts and Words

I want to talk about substance, or mind essence, or subconscious, or divine substance, as it’s sometimes called. It can be called amazing grace, of which things come to you without your knowledge. Things materialise in your life based on what your thoughts are, based on where your attention is, at the back of every blessing, every opportunity, every chance encounter, every tree, every plant, every car, every road, every star, every atom, every house, every animal, every creation, everything that has been brought forth into the universe is made of a divine substance, the substance or mind essence.

The storyteller in the Bible begins with the father or energy saying, “let there be” and there was, this is the same for us. We have the same ability to create reality based on what we think, based on how we speak, based on the actions that we take. I had not thought it possible first without being sceptical.

Without thinking that it was too easy, that it was too simple in that simply thinking that something was to exist would create and mould this divine substance which is ever present. Omnipotent, omniscient, which is all the omni’s ever present in all things, in all places, at all times and is listening and responding to everything that we think, that we say, and that we do.

It creates, and it moulds reality, from the ether, from this energy, from this divine substance, into our worlds. And I found it for myself when I imagined a relationship with a partner as I saw it being, as I wanted it to be. I had it in my own experience for my children. Of having them born and brought forth into the world and then being more magnificent and more wonderful than I could ever imagine.

And it is at the back of all the blessings that people have from. To the famous actors, to musicians, to YouTuber’s, to everyone that has achieved levels of success financially, spiritually, all the people who have tapped into this This substance, this divine substance, which is like a light that shines at the back of a projection.

Where does it come from?

This is where the source comes from has tapped into the mind essence that your words and your thoughts and your actions literally create reality. We have the power to mould this invisible substance that is ever present and all around us into physical form. All ideas begin in the mind. Everything that we see and we interact with in this world began in the mind and then was brought forth.

And it is only through faith. That it comes forth, that you believe in this essence, that you believe that this can be a possibility, and it is always listening to those thoughts that we think, to the words that we say. This is why people, irregardless of their circumstances, can rise up, out, from. Lack and limitation, by not acknowledging that lack and limitation exists in divine substance, in mind essence.

Because it knows no lack and limitation, for it is everywhere. It is the source of all good in the world. It is the source of everyone’s fortune. It is the source of all blessings. So it is infinite. It has no lack. It knows no limitation. It cannot be exhausted. And so to reach into that, as Jesus said, the kingdom is at hand.

Meaning that the kingdom of inexhaustible, Omniscient, omnipresent power to mould reality is inside, that you have it. You have the ability to mould reality to be whatever you want it to be. All you need to do is push away that mind of reasoning, of worry, of lack, of trying to get. Something for nothing of trying to get the supply from other people or from backbreaking labour or from a break or from all these tiresome cliches as Earl Nightingale says that we continue to lean upon that it’s not for me, or I can never have that.

All these excuses that we put upon ourselves to say that we can’t have that, that’s not possible for us. All the limitations, all the beliefs that we hold about fortune and wealth and health that If we only could realise that there is infinite good already within us, we need only take hold of it. We need only tap into the source of all blessings.

The source that is inexhaustible. The source that can give you anything. that you want. You block your good and your fortune because your feelings and your thoughts are that of lack, of that of if only I had this or I only have that. You have no gratitude for appreciation for the blessings that are already all around you.

That you have everything at hand. You have the kingdom within. When you can tap into this supply this never Ending supply. You can have whatever you want. Because you can put a demand upon substance. Which is only happy to serve. It’s only, this is the life principle, It’s only life wood. It’s health. It’s wealth.

You can anything you want

It’s everything that you could possibly want. And more. Beyond anything you could possibly imagine. That is where your faith must go, in this inexhaustible supply. You must put a demand upon this supply, because it is only happy to serve. Because remember, this is the double edged sword. What you put your faith into, what you put your attention into, comes to you.

And if that is worry, and if that is lack, And if that is limitation, then that is exactly what you will get. You will get more of that. But if it is abundance, if it is prosperity, if it is wealth, if it is health, that’s exactly what you’ll get. And the life principle, or the divine substance, or mind essence, or the power of the subconscious, whatever you want to call it, It is only happy to manifest what it is in your head, that you think about, that you dwell upon, that your feelings are.

It is only happy to materialize that in physical form. We have seen it countless times through the ages of people saying that their life is what it Their thoughts are that your attitudes and your expectations literally create your environment. L. Nightingale has said it. Brianne Brown has said it. Jay Shetty has said it.

Tony Robbins has said it. Countless millions have been preaching this same message. That your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, if they are good, if they are truthful, if they are prosperous, if they are life wood, if they are only of incremental improvements of your highest good that you can imagine for yourself, and that you demand it.

You demand it from the source of all blessings, of this inexhaustible supply, then that is what your life will be. It’s as straightforward as that. It’s staggeringly simple and infinitely complex in the same breath, is that we must Acknowledge that divine substance is our only reality, and that circumstances be damned.

Why do we see so many people rise up from bad backgrounds that way, seemingly against all odds, do things that are incredible, despite handicaps, despite upbringings, despite things that happen to them. They have put their faith in divine substance. They have put their faith in that this is not going to be what defines them, or what their lives look like.

You can have whatever you want. Divine substance is only happy to give you whatever it is that you focus upon. I had learned this lesson, perhaps too late, but maybe just at the right time. For when I was younger, in high school, in my attention and my focus on lack and limitation and divide substance was only happy to give me exactly what I was thinking about.

What you think about you become

When I was thinking about the lack of friends, when I was thinking about the lack of opportunities, when I was thinking about, you know, the confusion and the problems that I had, it was only happy to bundle it all up and give it to me. Because that’s exactly where my thoughts were. As I have grown, and as I’ve started a family, and I have been blessed beyond what I thought possible for having a wife and children.

And career and friends and family that only gets better as each day passes is that my thoughts have molded this reality. Perhaps I was unaware of it at the time. Perhaps I didn’t know what I was doing, that I was molding substance and that I had the ability. To create physical form from the ether, from this presence, this divine substance of which surrounds me.

I had unintentionally done it. I had unintentionally brought in the good. For these circumstances, of these blessings, and also for in the bad. For when I focused on what I didn’t want. For when I was unappreciative of the blessings that were already there, that were, that surrounded me, that held me, that had helped me, and had only been kind enough through divine substance to stay with me.

To keep me in a wonderful stead of life and of not knowing lack and not knowing limitation. Though at the same time have experienced it because that is where my thoughts have been. What I have in my life is what my thoughts have made. And now, being consciously aware of Divine Substance, of where my thoughts have brought me, I now entrust Divine Substance, which is all around, which has made the universe, which has made everything, all the blessings in my life.

I accept The Divine Substance is my one and only reality, and I hope for you, as well, that you tap into this inexhaustible supply, for it is only happy to give you whatever it is that you want. You need only realise that at the back, on every blessing, at the back of every fortune, every child, every tree is an inexhaustible supply of where it comes from.

Your supply is endless

It comes from the same place. So, it is my hope that you acknowledge that your thoughts and your words have enormous power to mould reality itself. And that you use them for good, that you don’t use them in vain, that you don’t wish for things on others, as what you do to others, what you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.

You should wish for the life principle, for divine substance, to bless everyone. To bless you, and to bless everyone’s affairs. That we may go further in life. And we go out into the stars. And that we are one with this divine substance. For it made us. It made all of us. And there’s plenty of wonderful literature.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing this and the more people made aware that your thoughts and your words and your deeds literally create the environment is for the better.

So make sure, make sure it is what you want. Make sure it’s your highest possible good. Your highest possible desire. Because divine substance is only happy to provide you whatever it is that you focus on and put your faith in. So I thank you and I bless all of you with the power of the life principle.

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