Organize A Trip With Friends The Easy Way

A smarter way to organise a trip with friends

From my experience, organising a trip with a group of friends is usually a challenge – getting them all to RSVP, agreeing on dates and destination is like herding cats. I’ve found over the years that a quick survey works a charm.

Organising a trip with friends is hard work

I have organised lots of boys trips and I’ve learnt that its sometimes mission impossible to get people to respond and commit to a trip. If you email the group, the email chain carries on and on with random responses ranging from the ‘yeah maybes’, ‘hmm… I’ll sees’, ‘what dates?’ responses or just joking around. We never end up reaching any decisions except for a whole bunch of assumptions. I assume its a yes then?

Do it the easy way with a quick online survey

Organising a trip via Facebook is also hard because some people do not use Facebook and trying to work out what the majority want to do with regards to agreeing on the destination, dates and accommodation options.

Do it the easy way with a simple survey!

What’s worked for me well over the last 10 years is sending a quick survey to the group via email or phone with around 5 to 6 questions using radio buttons to make it as easy as possible from them to get back to you. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Who is this? Your invite list – let them select who they are via radio button options.
  2. Are you available between [enter date range] to go on a group trip? Yes / No options, Another date? text box
  3. What should we do? Give a couple options for the trip, for example Fraser Island, Pacific Cruise. Keep it to two options so you can easily go with the majority.
  4. How long can you make it for? For example, 2 to 3 days, a week or whatever range you prefer.
  5. What type of accommodation do you prefer? Camping, Budget (1 to 3 stars) or luxury (4 to 5 stars)
Do it the easy way with Survey Monkey

From my experience, you’ll have responses back pronto so you start planning the trip and get all fired up. There are lots of free survey software tools out there but the one that I recommend is Survey Monkey. You can create a survey with up to 10 questions for free and share the link with your group of friends. Once they complete the survey, you can see their individual responses to easily plan out your trip.

Here is a list of other survey tools you can use to organize your friends trip the easy way:

Click here for other easy ways recommended by The Lazy Society!

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