Dummy Spit (it out!) The Easy Way

The Dummy Fairy will help with getting rid of a child's dummy the easy way

So recently the dummy fairy visited and my toddler no longer needs a dummy! This is a very exciting development milestone at our place!!

Dummies (a.k.a pacifiers) can be really helpful with little ones. I know firsthand how useful they have been.

However as my child got older, they started to cause me some trouble.  You see, my child would wake multiple times a night because the dummy had fallen out of their mouth! This was getting most inconvenient now.

So, I followed some advice from my good friend who had gotten rid of her child’s dummy the easy way.

It involves reading a book about how the dummy fairy is coming for about two weeks and preparing the child. The book we read is called Daniel and the Dummy Fairy and you can buy it here. It’s got some tips to follow as well.

Then, pick a date and make sure you tell their child care (so they can also have a visit from the dummy fairy!).

Then buy the gift the dummy fairy will leave for the child after she has collected all his dummies.

The night after the dummy fairy visits, all the dummies will have disappeared (to their new homes where they will make new babies very happy) and in their place will be the gift your child has chosen.

Worked for us!

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