Simple Hotel Hack To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

hotel room hack

Ever had trouble sleeping in a hotel room because of that bit of light seeping in through the curtains? This can be annoying especially early in the morning if you are jet-lagged and trying to get some proper shut-eye but the room is filled with light.

Check out this simple hotel hack by Twitter user Rick Klau where the curtains are held closed using pants clips on the clothes hanger found in pretty much every hotel room. Carrying some binder clips while on tour will do the trick too.

Other Hotel Hacks

Here are some other worthy contenders on the same viral tweet:

Want an extra sleep in? 10 am checkout is way too early. Call reception in the morning with your sleepy voice and ask to extend to 12pm. The least they’ll do is extend check out to 11 am – works for me all the time! I also recommend trying this hack:

hotel room hack leave a note on door handle

Don’t forget to pack in your LAN and HDMI cables! Also, if you have a recent iPhone or Ipad pack in a Lightning to HDMI adaptor to stream your favourite entertainment to TVs that aren’t smart equipped.

hotel room hack bring 10' cable
HDMI cable for cable twitter

Can’t live without your devices? I understand. Get a quality international travel adapter with multiple USB ports and a universal converter.

bring international adapter to make it easier

Put any card in that slot so you can leave devices charging.

hotel room hack put any card into slot

Is your room feeling too dry? Try this hack…

hotel room hack soak a towel

Don’t unpack your stuff until you are completely happy with the room. Test the TV/PayTV channels to make sure they are all working, ensure the room temperature can be controlled, listen to annoying noises from the toilet, air conditioner, street noise etc. If something ain’t right, ask to be moved to another room.

Check out the video below for more hotel hacks.

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