Start a Beach Party with this Rasta Mix

Rasta beach party mix

Why Rasta music?

I’ve found music to be one of my greatest tools to help deal with anxiety, calm the soul, lift my spirits, or get motivated to focus on something.

I love ‘rasta’ music, which I define as rhythmic feel-good dancehall beats from the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America. The lyrics are catchy, sometimes repetitive, sometimes don’t make much sense, but the rhythm is out of this world.

What is the Rasta Beach Party mix?

This Rasta Beach Party mix is a Spotify playlist unlike any other, creating a cool beach party vibe wherever you are and get your feet and hips moving. There’s nothing explicit about this mix, it’s child friendly, but some parental guidance may be needed. It’s been carefully curated over the last 2 years and flows as is it or on shuffle.

This is over 6 hours long and perfect for someone who loves the sound of tropical drums and rhythm. It includes dancehall, calypso, African, Latino, and other chilled-out vibes featuring Shaggy (my favorite), Sean Paul, Fuse ODG, Gyptian, Sean Kingston, Kevin Lyttle, Akon, and so on. There are also some modern calypso hits thrown in to get those hips shaking.

I rely on this Rasta Beach Party mix to lift my spirits to the point of dancing. This mix also keeps me in a zone during long drives, snowboarding, 4 wheel driving, bike riding, cleaning up the house, working out, 4 wheel driving, preparing for a cricket match, or just chilling out at home. From my experience, this mix can turn a casual dinner into a tropical house party. I start with some chilled-out reggae beats featuring Bob Marley and co and then pump this one out to get people dancing. If you are into techno, house, or gangster hip hop, this mix won’t be any good.

Potential uses of this unique mix

Here are some potential uses of this Rasta mix:

  • Start a beach party.
  • Stay awake and entertained during a long road trip.
  • Drown out the aircraft noise and stay entertained during a long-haul flight.
  • Wake up in the morning to this mix.
  • Dance in the shower to this mix.
  • DJ’ing a party – Mix up the songs with other RnB and hip hop songs if you know what you’re doing.
  • Whatever else you’re into.

Here’s an idea to go all out and organise tropical theme’d party post COVID-19 lock-down is over:

  • Ask your peeps to come dressed up in tropical outfits.
  • Get some cool Caribbean cocktails going.
  • Start with the night with some slow reggae beats in the background.
  • As people start to feel tipsy, turn on this Rasta Beach Party mix up loud and let go. You won’t stop dancing till 3 in the morning, guaranteed!
  • Make sure the Bass on your speaker is balanced.

If you’re in the mood for chilling out, check our ‘Chillax’ mix here.

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