Take a Moment to Live Smarter

live smarter not harder

Whatever situation you are in, the current situation (COVID-19 self-isolation and social distance) provides an opportunity to reflect, stay connected and plan.

As we are all trying to re-calibrate life with self-isolation and social distancing measures, we have been forced to look into ways to live smarter (not harder), stay safe, and try to reduce the cost of living. Here are some easy tips to consider:

1. Stay connected via technology

For mental health’s sake, especially, it important to stay connected with your family and friends whenever you get a chance. Sign up for online collaboration apps like Skype, House Party, and Zoom and connect.

If you are missing the party vibes, check out online gigs via Instagram, where famous DJs worldwide are hosting their online parties. Apparently, Michelle Obama checked into one recently, and check out this reaction. I love online parties because they don’t discriminate based on your appearance or gender, and of course that you can check in from wherever you are in the world. What frustrates me, of course, is the inability to experience the live atmosphere and dance vibes.

2. Grow your own produce

Lets admit it, there’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own fresh produce so you are no longer as reliant on supermarkets, like making a simple pasta with tomato, eggplant and basil from your your own backyard. Best of all its organic and cost effective . If you don’t have a backyard, check out this video below on how easy it is to grow your own food even from a patio, balcony or deck. If you don’t have any of these, maybe talk to your neighbours about starting a community garden in your apartment block.

Still no option or too lazy to grow to own produce? Connect with local farmers to get access to fresh and organic produce safely via pickup or delivery.

3. Be creative when supporting your locals

Unfortunately, there’s no more sitting around for a coffee at your favorite cafe or enjoying a romantic dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. Cafes, restaurants, wineries, and local producers in your area will undoubtedly be looking for new ways to get customers, so now is the time to support them. You still need access to fresh produce, coffee, bread, and local dining options, more than ever, while they are semi or fully isolated at home. 

Check with your favorite cafe or restaurant if they have a click and collect option, where you can order via phone/online and get items dropped off safely into your car in a contact-free manner. This may encourage restaurants to change the way they use to operate. Check out this example from a local grocer/restaurant in Canberra, Australia. Local wineries are starting to prepare takeaway hampers filled with wines, cheeses, dried meats, olives, and other goodies.

Drones are also starting to impact how people get their coffee fix during this time, especially here in some Australian suburbs.

4. Shop smarter

This is not a time for daily impulse buying or hoarding. Think about others and stop hoarding.. its so uncool!

Shopping once in a while (a week or fortnight) will help save you money, and you’ll be at less risk of contracting COVID-19. It’s important to plan and get your list checked off before making that trip to the supermarket. You don’t want to forget anything during this time. It’s also hard to predict when it’s a quiet time for visiting the shops since most people are at home, but mid-week is your best bet.

5. Eat well and stay hydrated

It is a fact that a good diet and staying well hydrated will form a solid armor against COVID-19. In summary, try to stay clear of carbs, milk, and alcohol to help strengthen your immune system in 3 days – harder than it sounds especially in western society.

6. Keep fit

Keeping physically fit is the key to maintaining your sanity during this difficult period. There are no excuses here! Whether you’re into walking, cycling, running, exercise classes, martial arts, or whatever, you can carry on with most of these like nothing’s happened. If you are into group classes though, look into Facebook live classes organized by your gyms.

If you in a strict lockdown or simply cannot be bothered, check out my ‘lazy proof’ 5-minute workouts here.

7. DIY like crazy

If you are bored at home and stacked with some extra cash, there’s been no better time to plan and execute a home DIY project. No more excuses, just do it! Local hardware stores remain open but if you can’t be bothered going out, order your stuff online from Amazon, eBay, or other stores. Youtube is a great tool to learn new skills and add some value to your home.

DIY could also mean getting a backyard renovation job and planting more trees. This will help bring some zen into your outdoor space.

8. Crystals

Crystals depend on whether you’re a spiritual type and if you believe in these types of things. Since getting some sprinkled around the house, I’ve noticed a sense of positive energy and a gradual decrease in my anxiety levels. But who really knows? I think what’s the harm in it? It’s cheap and there’s lots of information on how it can change people’s lives for the better.

9. Just chill

Take a moment to chill out and take a deep breath wherever you are. Doing nothing sometimes helps you think differently about life and may even open up new opportunities. If you find it hard to chill out, this is probably the best time to take up meditation or something like that. Check out our Chillax playlist here to help you relax and live smarter.

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