Get into eCommerce the Smarter Way with The Visionary Blueprint

E-Commerce has been running hot over the last year especially due to the Covid-19 outbreak, accelerating a shift towards a more digital world.

My curiosity for E-commence was inspired by Lukas Tsimopoulos, a very successful Australian entrepreneur who set up multiple eCommerce businesses is now a multi-millionaire and teaching others to do it the right way via his Visionary Blueprint course.

His in-depth course blew my mind about the potential of setting up an eCommerce business the smarter way via the dropshipping business model method.

What is dropshipping and why do it?

In a nutshell, dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method that eliminates the need for stocking merchandise. A dropshipper can simply purchase stock as needed from a third-party supplier who will ship it directly to the customer. The course clearly points out key benefits of dropshipping (compared to the traditional eCommerce):

  1. You can quickly test products without buying in bulk and pick the most successful ones.
  2. Start-up costs are minimal because you don’t need inventory or a retail shop. Instead, you can trial Shopify free for 14 days to set up your online store, and the only expenses you will incur are for a cheap domain name and testing Facebook ads.
  3. There is no handling anything – your dropshipping supplier takes care of anything! All you have to do is source the right product and supplier. This course shows you how to do this the easy way.
  4. You can open up your store in a few minutes and have it operational in a few hours.
  5. Be your own boss! Once you have a good working model you scale up your business and work from anywhere.

What is the The Visionary Blueprint?

Visionary Blueprint course makes it easy to get into ecommerce

I’ve done a few dropshipping courses but this Visionary Blueprint course is the most in-depth, very easy to follow, and worth every penny.

It is a one-time payment of $697 USD to access the course (there are no upsells!) and here’s a list of what you get:

  • ​A dedicated full time coach (Lukas himself)
  • ​​Personalized training, guidance, and an actionable blueprint
  • ​Mentor in your pocket (direct personal access: questions, feedback, and more)
  • ​Beginner to expert Facebook ads strategy and training
  • ​Up-To-Date, untapped product research methods
  • ​​Insights from 3+ year Shopify dropshipping expert and private label experience

Lukas walks through everything from changing your current mindset, how to find winning products, set up your Shopify store correctly, creating engaging Facebook ads, and scaling up your stores. The course is step by step and very easy to follow.

The best thing is how can reach out to him easily via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger if you have any questions or concerns and from my own experience, he’s very friendly and encouraging. He also has an active Facebook group to keep you on track and ensure you don’t lose motivation.

The Visionary Blueprint has opened my eyes to experimenting with dropshipping and setting up multiple income streams the smarter way. Lukas shows you how to get into E-commerce and set up shop the smarter way.

You can run this from anywhere – all you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

Check out my full review below:

The Visionary Blueprint Review

Get started with The Visionary Blueprint today!

So here’s what you need to get up and running with dropshipping today:

  1. Click here to sign up for The Visionary Blueprint. Send me an email once you’re signed up and I’ll send a couple of bonus videos to make things easier for setting up your Facebook pixel by linking up your Shopify store with Facebook and a free traffic hack via Pinterest. The Facebook Pixel hack took me a while to work this out messing around with Facebook ads support for days so I’m sure you’ll find it useful.
  2. Ecomhunt is the easiest way to source winning products and removes the guesswork. Click here to sign up to Ecomhunt for free.
  3. Once you’re happy with your product selection, click here to sign up to Shopify for a 14-day trial and set up your store as guided by Lucas. You can test your store and Facebook ads for 14 days and see if its success.
  4. Click here to sign up for Facebook ads and set up your business account.

The key thing I learned is to shift my mindset by ‘learning to unlearn’ and look at life differently. This is not some sort of magic pill for you to get rich overnight – it’s a ‘rinse and repeat’ process whereby you have to work smarter to get find the right formula in terms of the product and the Facebook ad.

Click here for other easy and creative ideas for starting generating a passive income online.

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