Travel Hacks For Lazy People

Simple travel hack products for lazy people

Over the years I’ve missed flights, lost wallets, left credit cards at duty free counters, left my passport behind at home or forget travel essentials for the trip. I feel like I’ve climbed the ranks to become the ultimate lazy traveler and it’s finally starting to work in my favor purely out of lessons learnt and how to travel smarter.

Anyway, here are some travel hacks for lazy people like me:

Don’t unpack travel essentials from your suitcase

Leave the travel related items stashed away in your suitcase when it’s at home – that’s one less thing to unpack for those feeling after an awesome adventure. There’s no point taking out the neck pillows, eye masks and other travel only items from your suitcase because you’ll need them for your next trip. It’s also less clutter around the house and you don’t have to search around for them getting ready for your next trip.

Use PackPoint Mobile App to pack smarter

The PackPoint free mobile app is made for the ultimate lazy traveller. This app will help with the process of packing for your next adventure quick, painless, and mindless as possible. I used this app during our last snow trip to Banff to ensure our clothing essentials and snow gear were all packed and ready to go – was an absolute breeze and made things a lot easier. It has a very simple user interface and wizard-like process to guide you through every step of packing whether it’s for business, leisure or both.

Be check-in friendly

Whether I’m travelling for business or not, I’ve learnt to keep things simple so that I can breeze through the check-in and screening areas.

Keep passports, headphones, laptops and travel essentials in a slim travel bag such as this eBags Professional Slim Backpack.

Don’t wear a belt but if you must, recommend getting a travel-friendly JASGOOD Travel Belt which even has a hidden money pocket.

If you’re travelling with kids, keep their essentials in a separate travel bags so you don’t go rummaging through your check-in luggage.

Double-check that you don’t have any liquids anywhere in your bags. If you’re in the US, get a TSA Pre-Check to save you time during check-in.

Be first on, last off the plane

I love to travel light and be last to board a gate but it’s hard with family or when you have hand luggage that needs overhead space, especially if it’s a full flight. So now we prefer to get to the gate early and get into the plane as soon as possible. This helps us get the luggage stored away overhead (more room for feet), get the kids settled in and When it’s time to get off the plane, I don’t see the need to rush out unless . You can just chill listen to music or make fun of your kids while other passengers stand around awkwardly in the aisle waiting to depart.

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