One Gadget For Life’s Little Challenges!

Wallet Ninja cool gadget makes it easy to fix things

Can’t be bothered to buy different tools for your everyday needs? Welcome to my club! Imagine having just one easy to use gadget to help you tackle life’s little challenges especially when you’re travelling.

Wallet Ninja has 18 useful and everyday tools in one slimline gadget to tackle whatever life throws at you. It includes four screwdrivers, six wrenches, two rulers, a mobile phone stand, a bottle opener, a can opener, a box cutter and a peeler. This is one small suitcase packed into one hardened steel card, no bigger than a credit card which costs less than $10. Wallet Ninja is TSA-approved and boasts a lifetime guarantee to never bend, rust or dull out.

No bottle opener? Wallet Ninja will make feel really cool (like a ‘new-aged’ MacGyver or a secret agent) when you bring out at your next party or date night.

No inflight screen? Wallet Ninja will help your phone be in a nice angle to watch your shows.

Unpacking boxes? Kitchen knives belong in the kitchen. Wallet Ninja will help you rip into them easily and efficiently.

The arm fell out from your shades or eyeglasses? Forget about going to the optical store or fumbling through your toolbox. Use Wallet Ninja screwdriver to easily put back together again.

Switching snowboarding stances on the snow? Use Wallet Ninja to unscrew your bindings and switch from goofy to natural or vice versa easily.

Going to a deserted island? Make sure you have Wallet Ninja on standby in case you need to build a boat to get out of there. Maybe it can be used to catch fish?

This list goes on!

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