4 Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking

4 simple ways to stop over-thinking

Over-thinking Habits

Thinking too much about things can take a serious toll on your health and well-being. Over-thinkers tend to worry about the past and find it extremely hard to get out of their own heads. You have trouble sleeping; you asked many “what if…” questions, relive your mistakes or worry about things that you have no control over.

Thoughts may include things like:

  • I should have traveled around the world when I had the chance.
  • I shouldn’t have spoken up at that meeting at work. People made me feel like I was an idiot.
  • Thinking about that odd comment from your boss.
  • Did I laugh too loudly at that quiet party?

Here are 4 simple ways to stop overthinking to help live smarter, not harder:

1. Recognize how you are feeling

Experts say this is the most important thing and that we should all learn this from our childhood days. Some of us haven’t had that kind of upbringing, though, so we have to learn this in adulthood, which is a bit harder. It’s basically about pausing to reflect on how you feel and acknowledging whatever feeling you are in. There are some great resources out there, though, so don’t despair.

2. Circle of Control

Think about a steering wheel, the inner part of the wheel are things you can control and influence, and everything outside of that is things outside of your control and influence. So whatever you are thinking about it, is it something you can control or influence? If it isn’t, then there is no point dwelling on it. But if there is something you can do, that’s great!

3. Ditch Perfect

Life will never be perfect, so stop trying to be a perfectionist. Whatever thoughts you are feeling, and particularly if they are of the darker variety, remember to be kind to yourself; you are good enough. So you need to say to yourself, you are okay! Who else is going to say it? Recommend you check out this book to help overcome perfectionism.

4. Be in the moment

Mindfulness is all the rage, but it’s been around for millennia. It simply means being in the present moment. This is the magic bullet to overthinking, if ever there was one! Just like any other skill, practice makes perfect. If you have a child, get them doing this from early childhood and give them a great ‘head start in life. I can personally recommend the Enchanted Meditations for Kids meditation cd, which I regularly use with my children and buy as gifts. You can listen to a bit of it before you decide to buy. Click here for an easy way for your child to meditate and live smarter.

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