6 Eco-Friendly Cool Gadgets To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Transform outdoors

These 6 eco-friendly cool gadgets will help you stay lazy and bring some tranquillity in your backyard or outdoor space.

Solar-powered Floating Fountain

Bring life into your birdbath, fish tank or pond with this solar-powered floating fountain. All you need is water and this cool gadget will bring some serenity to your outdoor spaces.

Solar-powered floating fountain cool gadget

Solar-powered Flame Light

Bring a touch of romance into your outdoor space with these mood-enhancing and eco-friendly solar-powered flame lights. This cool gadget is easy to install (no wires or strings attached), weather-resistant and durable lighting up for 10 hours in the summer and 5 hours in the winter when it is fully charged.

Solar-powered Flame Light cool gadget

Garden Spiral Hole Drill Planter

Save time and energy by planting your bulbs, bedding plants or seedlings the easy way with this Spiral Hole Drill. This cool gadget will fit any electric or cordless drill, which accommodates a 3/8” bit. Never dig again!

Hydro High-pressure Power Washer

Clean up your dusty deck, muddy paths or mouldy brick walls quickly and easily with this high-pressure power washer. All you need to do is connect up this cool gadget to your existing standard 3/4” hose and let it rip. It can even be used for washing your car, home cleaning, window washing and agricultural irrigating.

Hydro jet high pressure power washer cool gadget

LED solar powered in-ground lights

These LED solar in-ground lights can be used to decorate your pathways, stairs, garden beds and driveways to make spaces look more pleasing to the eye. This cool gadget is waterproof (no need to worry about rain, snow or frost), lasts up to 10 hours and is very easy to install. The lights are perfect for members of The Lazy Society, as they automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn.

LED solar powered in-ground lights cool gadget

Recycled Plastic Lounge Chairs

Once your outdoor space has been transformed into a tranquil and eco-friendly space, you can just chill and take it all in with this recycled plastic lounge chair.  These chairs are eco-friendly (made from 100% recycled plastic from post-consumer waste), comfortable, durable, space-saving design and comes in a variety of colours to complement your outdoor space.

Recycled Plastic Lounge Chairs

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