Secure Your Belongings The Easy Way with Airbolt

Keep forgetting the combinations on your lock?

Can’t find the keys to your suitcase? Yep, I’ve had to cut my luggage locks a few times.

Thinking of using the plastic wrapper service at the airport to secure your suitcase? It’s a $15 rip-off that’s ending up in the landfill.

AirBolt is a smart and easy way to secure your belongings straight from your mobile phone. You can use this design-awarded and TSA-approved cool gadget to lock up your luggage, backpacks, gym locker, storage, bike easily and effectively. To use this cool gadget, you’ll need to download the AirBolt app, which is available on Android and iOS phones.

Secure your belonging with Airbolt

AirBolt Key Features

  • One App controls all locks – You can control all your locks from the one App. The App also notifies you when the Airbolt opens and keeps a detailed history of when and how long it was for. You can even use a backup code in case you lose your phone.
  • Flexibility – You have the option of requiring a password to unlock it (where you can tap an unlock button) or you can set your lock to unlock when you get within a Bluetooth range of the lock.
  • Never lose your stuff again – Alerts you if someone tries to walk away with your stuff and you can also use the App to check its location, which is especially handy for those for us from the ‘losing society’ who can’t remember where we keep things.
  • It’s very secure – Keep it safe from cybercriminals with 128-bit encryption.
  • Long-lasting battery – It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery which lasts up to 1 year per charge and comes with a Micro-USB cable.
  • TSA friendly – Travel Security Admin officers can unlock it without cutting or damaging it.

No more keys, remembering combinations or using the plastic wrapping service at the airport.

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