9 Lazy Gift Ideas for Fitness People

The following 9 gift ideas are perfect for those athletes and fitness people who love to work out smarter (not harder). These gift ideas are all eco-friendly products made using sustainable and natural materials, reducing the carbon fitness on our planet. There is something for everyone from the injury-prone to those who love waters sports and will be ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

1. For the injury prone

A eco-friendly gift idea injury prone fitness fanatic
Kailo patch

Know someone who loves being fit but struggles with an injury in the back, shoulder, calves, knees, or anywhere else? Welcome to the club! Kailo will make a very thoughtful gift for that injury-prone fitness fanatic. This versatile non-invasive patch can be applied between the problem area and the brain to block the pain signals and allow the person to carry on with their physical activities. This cool gadget is not a cure for the pain, but there are reviews indicating that Kailo has helped get rid of pain permanently.


  • Acts fast: It uses electrical signals to eliminate the pain naturally in around 2 minutes of wearing it.
  • Durable: Patches are reusable and can be worn repeatedly without decreasing their overall effectiveness. There may be some maintenance required for replacing the adhesive from time to time.
  • Waterproof: Water-resistant, even in the shower and a pool.
  • No batteries or wires: Kailo is an eco-friendly product that does not require any wires or batteries to operate.

2. For the yoga lover

An eco-friendly gift idea for those who love yoga
Eco-friendly yoga mat

This eco-friendly yoga mat from Sugarmat will make a thoughtful and affordable gift for the yoga lover. It is super light, non-slip, includes a bag, and comes in a variety of designs to bring a smile to that special someone.


  • Sustainable: Eco-friendly packaging, sourced from 100% natural rubber, synthetic suede with non-toxic material, and biodegradable.
  • Durable: Non-slip and ultra-absorbent material where it has more grip the sweatier it gets.
  • Support: Provides joint protection with a high-density cushion.
  • Ultra-light: dimensions – 174cm by 61cm, thickness – 10mm, weight – 1.1kg
  • For the frequent traveler who loves to work out.

3. For the fit traveler

An eco-friendly gift idea for the frequent traveller who loves to keep fit
Different workouts using the Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

This Whatafit Resistance Bands Set made with natural latex is great for those frequent travelers who like to hit the hotel gym when they reach their destination. Most hotels don’t have good gyms, and those that do are probably not the safest places to be in the current pandemic environment. These resistance bands are light, easy to travel with, and provides the perfect solution to work out anywhere (without relying on smelly germ-infested gym equipment).


  • The package: 5 durable latex bands to suit different levels, 2 cushioned handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 carry bag, and an exercise guide.
  • Versatile: Converts to a personal gym by providing multiple ways to train including strength building, muscle toning, physical therapy, stretching and so. You can also use the bands independently or in different combinations with a maximum level of 150 lbs.
  • Super light: These resistance bands are light, easy to travel with and you can work out anywhere.
  • Safe and natural: Eco-friendly and made from 100% natural latex.

4. For the jogger

These eco-conscious jogger pants make a great gift for those who love to run. The pants come in multiple colors, functional, really soft, and comfortable – they’ll want to live in them.


  • Versatile: Perfect for running or lazing around the home, featuring tailored pockets, tapered leg openings, drawstring waistband, and tapered ankle.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from organic and recycled materials.

5. For the music lover

An eco-friendly gift idea for those who love listening to music when working out

The House of Marley Uprise headphones is great for those who love listening to music when working out, covering everyone on planet Earth. As well are making them say ‘yah mun’, this cool gadget pumps out quality beats, sweat-proof, can pick up calls easily, and is made from eco-conscious materials.


  • Usability: Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 8-hour battery life, and is flexible to ensure a secure fit for all.
  • Durable: IP X5 sweat-proof and weather resistant.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from eco-conscious natural wood fiber and recyclable aluminum.

6. For the weight lifter

Your weight lifting buddies will be impressed with these eco-friendly YogaPaws gloves, which will help them work out smarter. They will no longer need to worry about losing grip on the barbell. These gloves are made with a durable material to help protect their hands while lifting weights and prevent any slippage.


  • Compact: Lightweight gloves easily fit in your pocket or handbag.
  • Versatile: Ideal for multiple fitness activities including weight training, cycling, yoga, Pilates, and so on.
  • Natural: Made from non-toxic latex-free material and harmless to the environment.

7. For those who love a good stretch

The eco-friendly cork massage roller from Orbsoul is a great gift for the avid yogi or anyone who loves a good stretch. The common plastic foam rollers may feel good, but these are bad for our planet as they are not recyclable, never biodegrades, and is very toxic. Switching this cork roller will inspire people to make a switch to eco-friendly products for the sake of their health and benefits to our planet.


  • Health benefits – Get the perfect stretch after workouts leading to fast muscle recovery, stronger muscle tone, increased flexibility, chronic pain healing, and leading to a better night’s sleep.
  • No harmful chemicals – Unlike common plastic rollers, which never biodegrades, not recyclable, and contains toxins, the Orbsoul massage roller is made from 100% all-natural cork and safe for you.
  • Self-cleaning – The cork also contains a wax barrier that seals it from any outside dust, sweat, and hair. This will keep it clean and ready to use at any time.
  • Sustainable – The massage roller is made using 100% all-natural-cork, which assures no trees are ever cut down and bio-degradable.

8. For those who love water sports

There is a choice of eco-friendly gifts for men and women (we are gender-equal here at The Lazy Society) with these beach shorts and swimwear made from recycled products.

For women: The Romi swimsuit collection is made from 11 recycled plastic bottles, so they don’t end up in the ocean. They are fully-lined, elastic, comfortably soft, fast-drying, and holds their shape wash after wash.

For men: The eco-friendly and quick drying beach shorts are perfect for a day at the beach and features front and back pockets.

9. For the family in lock-down

This Levitating LED soccer ball is the perfect gift for your kids to keep them away from their devices and encourage physical activity. This cool gadget is also great for family bonding as it will everyone safely running around the home and especially useful for those stuck at home due to the global pandemic.


  • Safe: Made of soft, non-toxic plastic foam which won’t hurt your foot, damage the wall or your furniture.
  • Play alone: You can play alone, so no more excuses about not having someone to play with.
  • User-friendly: Using a powerful fan, it slides seamlessly across different types of surfaces like carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, etc.
  • USB charged: It can be recharged, and no need to install and replace the batteries anymore.

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