Airdrop Alert – Arbitrum Stylus | Early Testnet Activities

Arbitrum Stylus | Early Testnet Activites (Potential Future Airdrop)

1. Manually Add the Stylus Network to Your MetaMask:
🔹Network Name: Stylus Testnet
🔹Chain ID: 23011913
🔹Token Name: ETH
🔹Block Explorer: Stylus Testnet Explorer

2. Acquire Sepolia ETH from Faucets. You can obtain Sepolia ETH from the following faucets:

3. Bridge some ETH from Sepolia to Arbitrum Sepolia –

4. Bridge some ETH from Arbitrum Sepolia to Stylus –

👀 Stay tuned for further updates and info.


🤔 is a new EVM+ from the developers of Arbitrum, which has raised $123.7 million, and there are rumors of a future airdrop.

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