Airdrop Alert – Ice Blockchain | Mining Every 24 hours

🧊 Ice Blockchain| Mining Every 24 hours (Android Users Only)


1. Download and install the Ice App from your Playstore.
2. Follow the bouncing ball to setup your profile and earn 10 ICE.
3. Set a reminder to check into the App daily.

🤖 Open only to Android users for now.


What exactly Ice, and how does it work?

Ice is an innovative digital currency that can be mined or earned conveniently using any mobile device.

The ice network thrives on a foundation of trust, cultivated by an ever-expanding community of users united by the common goal of demonstrating the enduring value of digital currencies and their versatility in various applications.

To become a part of the ice network, individuals can receive an invitation from an existing member, allowing them to swiftly embark on their journey of earning and establishing their own micro-communities.”

🤔 Another Mining Network Application Like #PiNetwork #OmegaNetwork 👀

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