Intermittent Fasting to promote Autophagy

intermittent fasting leads to a heathier you

Sources: Thomas DeLauer, Dr Neil (check his extensive research here)

Testing: All testing has been done on myself, so please do your own research. This is not medical advice.

My Approach to Fasting

I found that if I wanted to lose weight, I can do it with intermittent fasting. If I want to gain weight, I can do it with intermittent fasting. Just had to eat a LOT more during my eating window. I reached 94kgs from 70 something Kgs doing intermittent fasting so I was able to achieve my goal. I wasn’t eating healthy all the time though. Just to be completely transparent.

So whatever your goal is, intermittent fasting can work. For me: the newest thing I have found to break my fast is Bone Broth. I am using the Best of The Bone Broth Concentrate. Click on the link to get more details. Just add hot water and away you go. Or you can make your own bone broth if you enjoy cooking and the smell! There is a strong smell!

The danger of fasting is eating too little or binge eating. Opposite ends of the scale. Bone Broth helps with binge eating as it gets rid of the crazy hunger. It also provides great nutrients for joint health and skin among other things. Big glasses of water also help with hunger. The problem with eating too little (meaning insufficient nutrients for your body), is that this was supposed to be healthy. Nutrition is key.

So I kept track of things using My Fitness Pal. Free app on Apple or Android devices. There is even a free Nutrition MACRO breakdown so you can see how much Protein vs Fats vs Carbs. If you eat the same thing most days, it becomes very easy to guesstimate (after a week or 2), moving forward without having to enter in your food every day. If you are going into a competition, then of course DO measure what you eat every day as it is key, or so it was for me.

What is Autophagy

Now what is Autophagy and why is it important:

Autophagy is a self-degradative process that is important for balancing sources of energy at critical times in development and in response to nutrient stress. Autophagy also plays a housekeeping role in removing misfolded or aggregated proteins, clearing damaged organelles, such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes, as well as eliminating intracellular pathogens. (source). Click on this link to read more.

So if you like to avoid Cancer, avoid/fix skin problems, avoid/fix inflammation, then this is for you! I found that my arthritis and asthma is greatly reduced. If I go ahead and have certain red wines, highly processed non-organic cows milk, or a sugary fizzy drink, then yes of course my asthma comes back immediately and with a vengeance. I also found that my muscles and my whole body, in general, feels a lot better. 

Having trouble starting to fast for 16-18-20 hours at a time? Start with an 8 hour fast. Then 10 hours. Increase slowly. 

How much food should we be eating? For my level of activity when I was powerlifting 3-4 times per week and handstanding 3-4 times per week, I required 2,800 calories roughly, to maintain my weight and 3,200 calories or more to gain weight. I am 182cm and I have been naturally very light until I found Meat Pies and Sausage rolls (so happy and grateful to my parents for moving to Australia). When we lived in Papua New Guinea, I had to have vitamin C injections as I was eating way too little. 

Some extra sauss…

My mentor likes to give Bonus content so here is some Bonus content for reading all the way to the end!

BONUS: I have found, personally, that if I eat Rice, Meat and veggies all together in one meal without a break, I feel unhappy in my tummy. Bloated. Whereas if I eat Rice and Veggies together OR Meat and Veggies together, OR Rice and Meat together, and separate the meals with at least 30 minutes between: “Happy Days”. This is just something that I do and I found by chatting to other people that this is what they have found as well. When I go out or on holiday I do not worry too much about this and I suffer the bloat.

Here are some examples:
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