Investing Made Easy With No Fees + Bonus Free Shares

Investing made simple for new millennial

When people think about investing the first thing that comes into their mind is Wall Street and their own IRA’s and 401k’s. This of course comes with many headaches, but recently a large push into investing made simple for new millennial has hit the market in the form of mobile apps. The two specific verified apps with tens of millions of downloads being Robinhood and Webull. What both of these apps offer are no minimum trading with very simple to use platforms to let you invest anywhere from $1 to whatever amount you want. The big kicker here is not only can you invest as low as $1 there are absolutely no fees whatsoever upon opening from either of the brokerages. It must be noted you have to be a citizen of the United States to use these apps as they are verified brokerages that will check your information like any bank would.

What both of these brokerages offer is a simple tool to be able to access the financial markets and choose to invest into anything you would want. If you want to buy direct shares of Apple or Google you can do it without all the hardships it can be with ordinary brokerages. A big bonus for trying out these apps is both offer one free share of a stock valued anywhere from $5-$300 when opening an account! Personally I got lucky and hit it off with a free share of Apple from Robinhood and from WeBull I received a $10 share of AMD at the time.

If you would like to try these apps for yourself and also receive a free share from both apps I have links to both apps with invites to be able to receive the bonus. Worst comes to worst you end up with two free shares under your name which you can sell and delete the apps if you are not satisfied.

Robinhood Link:

WeBull Link:

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