10 Lazy Christmas Gift Ideas For Jet Setters

These lazy Christmas gift ideas are ideally suited to frequent jet setters who want to travel the easy way, help reduce travel anxiety and have fun during their trip abroad. The Lazy Society caters for all jet setting stereotypes!

For the light sleeper

Huzi Infinity travel pillow lazy Christmas gift

This Huzi Infinity travel pillow is a perfect gift for those ‘light sleeper’ family and friends who regularly complain about travelling in Economy class and not able to get any sleep of their flights. Unlike other cheapo travel pillows, the Huzi Infinity travel pillow is made with a high quality super soft bamboo fabric and provides comfort to any sleeping position. They will be eternally grateful and will never complain of not sleeping again. Combine these with a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones and you’ll be on cloud 9 no matter which class you fly on.

For the eco-friendly

GRAYL Ultralight water purifier and filter lazy Christmas gift

The GRAYL Ultralight water purifier and filter bottle is a perfect gift for jet setters and encourages them to stop relying on plastic water bottles during their overseas adventure. This cool gadget makes clean, purified drinking water in only 15 seconds from virtually any fresh-water source in the world. Highly recommend this all for types of travelers wherever they are going.

For parents with little kids

Mountain Buggy Bagrider lazy Christmas gift

The Mountain Buggy Bagrider is luggage and a stroller all in one perfectly suited to jet setting parents with little kids from 18 months or older. This cool gadget allows a tired toddler to ride on the luggage while the parent pulls it with one hand.

For the style-conscious

eBags Professional Slim backpack lazy christmas gift

This eBags Professional Slim backpack will bring a smile to the style-conscious traveller for storing all their travel essentials the easy way and looking the part during their overseas trip. This backpack comes with loads of little compartments to keep things organized and won’t look bulky at the end of it.

For the last-minute check-in traveler

 JASGOOD Travel Belt  lazy christmas gift

The JASGOOD Travel Belt will make it easier to move past the airport security checks without removing your belt. The buckle is made of plastic and the belt even has an easy to access hidden zippered pocket to safely store folded bills or cards.

For the business traveler

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron lazy christmas gift

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron makes a perfect gift for business travelers on the move who are too lazy to take out iron and board provided by the hotel.  Let’s admit it, some irons don’t work properly, some irons wreck clothes and some hotels don’t even provide irons. This cool gadget is compact as a computer mouse and will remove wrinkles from packed clothes the easy way.

For tech traveler

SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter lazy Christmas gift

This SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter is perfect for those jet setters who cannot live without their devices during their adventure abroad. This cool gadget has multiple USB ports compatible with all devices and a universal converter covering 150 countries. Unlike the many of the standard white international adapters out there, this one is definitely not boring and comes in a range of colours make it presentable as a cool gift.

For the luggage loser

The Airbolt Bluetooth Smart Luggage Lock is a perfect gift for someone who constantly goes on about losing their luggage while overseas or generally gets anxious when traveling abroad. The frequent traveler will fall in love with the AirBolt as it will easily help keep their bags secure and in control at all times via their phone.

For the culture conscious

The Pilot Smart Earbuds is a great gift of those who love to travel to exotic destinations like Japan and learn to speak in their language easily.

For the backpackers and adventurers

The Pilloon Jacket is a special gift even for the seasoned backpacker or outdoorsy person who wanders off the beaten track on their overseas holiday. It will help them keep warm, dry and help them sleep anywhere with its extensive list of features. This is not one for those jet setters who continue end up at a fancy five-star resort. As of today (13 January 2019), the Pilloon Jacket is still in production but you can make a pledge or pre-order one via its Kickstarter campaign.

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