Too Lazy To Tie Your Laces?

Lock Laces makes it easy to keep your shoes in check

Never tie or untie your laces again with Lock Laces!

Lock Laces will make your life easier if you suffer from arthritis, have trouble bending down, constantly tripping on your laces or you’re just feeling lazy to do up your laces and looking for the path of least resistance. I recently bought a pair for my cricket shoes and they are working well for me. They keep my feet comfortable all day and I no longer have to worry about tying up my laces.

Lock Laces are quick to install (set and forget), easy to use and converts any pair of lace-up sports shoes, work boots or sneakers into slip-ons. They are also water resistant, keep your feet secure and comfortable and come in a range of colours.

Installing Lock Laces

Here are some tips for use if you do decide to get a pair:

  • Cut the end laces as long as you can. This will allow you to get the tightness right and open the shoes to get them on and off, making them a true slip-on.
  • Leave the ends long and tucked under the laces (not clamped) so that you can re-use it on your next pair of shoes.

Get the original Lock Laces from here.

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