5 Lazy Gift Ideas for Kids

Lazy Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

These lazy gift ideas will keep your kids looking cool and entertained so you can continue to live smarter, not harder.

1. No more tying shoelaces with Lock Laces

Get a pair of these Lock Laces for your kids, and there’ll be no more tying their shoelaces in the new year. They’ll also be impressed at how cool they look and show off to their friends. Cheap, good quality, looks cool… you can’t go wrong!

Lazy Christmas gift ideas for kids lock laces

2. CozyPhones will put them to sleep the easy way

These CozyPhone Headphones are a perfect gift for kids to zone out with music and get sleep at the same. This cool gadget will come in handy when traveling around with the family, and everyone is trying to keep calm and enjoy the holiday.

Lazy Christmas gift ideas for kids CozyPhone Headphones

3. Kadeng Selfie Drone will keep them distracted

Kids love their selfies, and this cool gadget will make you the coolest parents! The Kaideng Card Drone is officially the world’s thinnest drone where its thickness is just 0.97cm and makes taking selfies a breeze.

Lazy Christmas gift ideas for kids selfie drone

4. Plan their path to success the easy way

Help get your kids on a path to working smarter, not harder, with this A3 sized planner to stay a step ahead.  

Lazy Christmas gift ideas for kids A3 calendar

5. Keep them calm and relaxed with meditation CDs

These guided meditation CDs will go a long way towards helping your child stay calm, relaxed helping them to live smarter. 

The best ones out there are the ones by Christiane Kerr:

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