Get Motivated And Workout Smarter With MyZone

Workout Smarter With Myzone fitness hack

How about if I told you about a fitness hack to boost your motivation to work out that can be bought for a mere $100 or so? Check out my Myzone review below.

Why Myzone?

I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to purchase a Myzone belt through my Personal training studio just before isolation began in Australia (due to COVID-19).

At the time, I remember thinking, ‘do I need this?’ Only one reason came to my mind, and that made me put my hand up. The reason was, I never really knew how hard I was pushing myself. I have never been a fan of wearable fitness products such as Fitbit because I don’t like being constantly connected to wifi.

The very next week, isolation began in Australia and all gyms and boot camps closed for face to face classes. My gym switched their classes online straight away. I found myself, with my Myzone belt on, working out in my lounge room.

How does Myzone work?

So, let me first explain what Myzone is and how it works. Myzone is a wearable heart rate monitor-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity via your smartphone. It has an impressive 99.4% accuracy. You wear the belt around your torso, just on the little groove under your heart. When you put the belt on, it beeps once to say it is on. As you work out it monitors your heart rate, calories and time exercising and uses this information to convert into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).

This cool gadget of the following amazing features:

  • Calculates how hard you are working by using your heart rate as a percentage of your maximum heart rate.  
  • MEPs depending on how hard you are working out during your workout.
  • Calculates how hard you worked out overall.
  • Chat function and the ability to like and comment on the activity of those you are connected with (like the people you usually work out face to face with).
  • Stores 16 hours of exercise data for those times you don’t have your smartphone.

Here is an example of my stats after a recent workout.

Myzone workout summary is very comprehensive

Myzone is advertised as a motivating wearable that rewards effort, and it truly is! And, no, they are not paying me for this article!

Helps you stay motivated

For someone who is strongly motivated by others’ presence in my boot camp, this cool gadget was a way to keep that going. Most of my boot camp buddies had one, too (and our app showed us how hard we were working (or not)!). My gym also started competitions in the first and second months, and it was all about who could get the highest points. The third month we had a clients v trainers competition (clients won!).

Over time, instead of trying to compete against others, I started competing against my past performance. I saw that when my workouts were fewer than the previous weeks, this would motivate me to take that spare 15 minutes that most of us have to go for a quick power walk up the hill or around the block.

It’s come to the point where I value this so much, I want to buy one for my ones loves ones, or at least those who need personal motivation. Let’s face it, that’s most of us!

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