Use This Cool Gadget To Make A Flawless Espresso Without Electricity

The Nanopresso is a cool gadget which will enable you to make a high quality espresso by hand, using no electricity wherever you are.

Good coffee is expensive or involves hard work

A good espresso machine and grinder combo will set you back $500 plus and it’ll take you time to learn how to prepare the perfect espresso, which is impractical in the morning rush hour. Cleaning these machines is also hard work and requires specific cleaning products.

Takeaway coffees is definitely the lazy option but not the smartest option because it’s expensive. A takeaway espresso costs around $4 and if you do this every day, it’ll set you back around $1400 per year. If you’re having more than 1 coffee a day, then it’ll be much more.

Those bloody capsule machines! I believe this is a well organised clever scam benefiting those coffee capsule people who are making good passive income. Some even offer you the capsule machine for free just so you will keep ordering the capsules which will become expensive. These machines are easy to operate, the coffee tastes consistently good but not brilliant in my humble opinion.

Why get the Nanopresso over the above options?

  • Eco friendly and flexible. There’s no need for electricity (charging) or a battery. All you need is hot water and access to your favourite ground coffee or pods. If you’re into ground coffee, remember to get a big bag (e.g. 500 grams instead or 200 grams) so its saves you money. If you are a pod convert, pick up an NS Adapter from Wacoco.
  • Convenience. You can use this cool gadget anywhere as its light weight, compact and very easy to use and clean with water.
  • Save you time and money. This cool gadget is perfectly suited to students, officer workers, outdoor workers, campers or anyone.
  • Great tasting coffee. The Nanopresso packs a punch by providing 18 bars of pressure which is comparable to what you would get served in a café. It will give you a smooth, rich crema with every shot.

This product is perfectly suited to people working or studying, needing more than 1 coffee a day to survive or enjoying the outdoors camping, sailing living to the fullest.

Nanoespresso cool gadget lighter and powerful
Nanoespresso cool gadget easier and smaller

Check out how easy it is to use this cool gadget.

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