9 Lazy Gift Ideas For Campers

The following gift ideas are perfect for those outdoorsy types who love camping, hiking, or spending time in the great outdoors. The Lazy Society cares about saving our planet therefore, all our recommended gadgets are eco-friendly to reduce the carbon footprint.

1. WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Nanopresso lazy eco-friendly camping gift

The WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is perfect for those who cannot live without their coffee during their outback getaway. This cool gadget is completely eco-friendly, relying only on your favorite coffee grind and on hot water to make a quality espresso. Check out my full review here.

2. BioLite Campstove

Nanopresso lazy eco-friendly camping gift

The BioLite Campsite is perfectly suited for car camper types who love to drive to their favorite camping spots and spend time enjoying the great outdoors. This cool gadget is sleek, handy, and eco-friendly as it converts from the fire into electricity. It’s an all-in-one tool allowing you to cook, boil water, charge LED lights, mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

3. LuminAID PackLite Terra Solar Inflatable Lantern

PackLite Phone Lantern lazy eco-friendly camping gift

The LuminAid PackLite Terra Solar Inflatable Lantern will make a thoughtful gift for campers who love to keep the party going after dark – we all know one of them! This eco-friendly gadget is lightweight, portable, collapsible for easy storage, waterproof, and provides 150 lumens of bright LED light covering 200 sq feet. It recharges in approximately 10 hours of direct outdoor sunlight and provides 24 hours of light on Low mode. The PackLite Nova also never heats up, so it’s safe to use in tents and sleeping bags.

4. Matador Pocket Blanket

Backpacking campers will be especially grateful for this unique gift to bring in some creature comfort during their adventures without adding any extra bulk to their backpack. The Matador Pocket Blanket fits 2 to 4 adults but folds down to wallet size and is water/puncture resistant, suitable for use anywhere.

5. LifeStraw Go Bottle

Lifestraw Go lazy eco-friendly camping gift

A water filter is a must, and the LifeStraw Go Bottle will make a perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time in the great outdoors. The LifeStraw Go Bottle is BPA-free and uses a 2-stage filtration process to remove bacteria, protozoa, chlorine and ensure access to pure, safe drinking water on the go.

6. To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils

Bamboo utensils lazy eco-friendly camping gift

This eco-friendly To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils set is a great gift to encourage your fellow camper family or friends to care more about their environment = no plastic! Their food will taste better knowing that the case is made with bamboo utensils that are sustainable and biodegradable. The full set includes a fork, corrugated knife, spoon, standard-sized chopsticks, straw, straw-cleaning brush, and travel pouch and carabiner.

7. Bamboo Dinnerware Set

Bamboo Dinnerware lazy eco-friendly camping gift

This Bamboo Plates and Bowl Set is a perfect gift for the adventurous spirits who like to dine out in the great outdoors. These are lightweight, versatile, tough, BPA-free, kid-friendly, and eco-friendly, made from biodegradable bamboo fiber. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe if you want to use them at home and stay lazy.

8. Eco-friendly Portable Solar Camping Shower

This Portable Solar Camping Shower is a perfect gift for campers to make their outdoor adventures fresher and more enjoyable. This cool gadget is eco-friendly, releasing no harmful gas emissions, batteries not needed, and the water is solar heated. It is travel-friendly (fully collapsible), can hold 5 gallons of water, and comes with a temperature gauge.

9. Sushdeco Portable Outdoor Firepit

This eco-friendly Sushdeco Portable Outdoor Firepit is a great gift to encourage campers to light their outdoor fires the smarter way. The burning wood will be held off the ground with 304 stainless steel mesh to avoid grass, branches, and ground catching fire. This fire pit is also portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

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