Airdrop Alert – NerdBot | Interact and Earn XP for Future $ NERD Airdrop

NerdBot in a Nutshell

NerdBot claims to be the first-ever Telegram on-chain analytics bot. Created by The Data Nerd, a renowned on-chain research and analytics firm, NerdBot provides you with the capability to effortlessly analyze tokens, monitor smart money, conduct DEX trades, and manage your portfolio – all within the convenience of Telegram. Explore this fantastic research tool to discover daily alpha insights. 

Potential Airdrop Opportunity 

🤖 NerdBot | Interact and Earn XP for Future $ NERD Airdrop


  1. Join the Telegram Group and start the bot.
  2. Click on ‘Wallet Analytics’.
  3. Submit your BSC Address.

❔ To get started, simply type “/help” to explore our comprehensive feature list and step-by-step tutorials.

👀 5% has been allocated for community engagement, we recommend active engagement to make the most out of this valuable resource and the potential airdrop opportunity.

Join our Discord ( for more airdrop alerts.

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