Sleep Anywhere With The Pilloon Jacket

Travel smarter and sleep anywhere with the Pilloon Jacket

The ‘Pilloon jacket’, bought to life by a simple Kickstarter campaign, is the ultimate ‘Inspector Gadget’ style jacket striking a perfect balance between style and utility.

The Pilloon Jacket has been designed to help you stay warm, protected from the elements and help you get some shut-eye anywhere. It is perfect for travel featuring a warm inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask, a magnetic ear phone holder and carrying shoulder straps. And no it doesn’t come with stake knives!

The Pilloon Jacket is waterproof, wind proof and breathable making it a must have for your next backpacking or camping trip. This jacket will definitely help you travel light and stay lazy.

Note: As of today (13 June 2019), the Pilloon Jacket is still production but you can make a pledge or pre-order one via its Kickstarter campaign – .

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