Too Lazy To Turn The Lights Off? This Cool Gadget Will Help

Take it easy with Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug

The Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug will make your life easier by allowing you to turn off and on everyday small appliances (like lamps, small appliances and electronic devices) via your smartphone or tablet. This cool gadget is a cheap and easy way to start converting your home into a smart home without the need for a hub.


  • Convenience – The Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug is compatible with Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistance so simply ask it to turn on and off devices for you. You can also set a timer or schedule to control your appliances.
  • Save energy –  Save on energy bills by restricting power to devices and remotely turning off any small appliances that were accidentally left on.
  • Home Automation – Combine this cool gadget to work together and automate the entire room without the need for a hub.
  • Plug and play – All you need to do is plug in the device into an electrical socket, install the SmartThings app on your iOS or Android device and connect to your WiFi network.
  • Great value – Incredibly inexpensive yet high-quality.

Not sure if you turned off your coffee machine before you rushed out of home? I’ve blown our Ms Silvia coffee machine a couple of times due to this reason. You can check the status of the appliance via the app and turn it off where ever you are.

Away on holidays and you want to increase your home security while away? You can set a schedule for the lights to come on and off as needed and control the settings remotely.

The Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug will make manual switches feel like a thing of the past and help you live smarter.

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