5-Minute Workout Anywhere – Wings!

Wings 5 minute fitness hack to live smarter

Wings is a simple yet intense workout designed for those who want a quick upper body work out to strengthen your arm muscles and improve your overall posture. No equipment is needed and you can workout from home anywhere to get your daily work out fix.

Please read no further if you have any existing health conditions like sustained injuries, back issues etc.


  1. Your favourite tunes
  2. Warm up properly
  3. Be intense and focused

Here’s how ‘Wings’ works

Wu Shu Claw – 1 minute

Extend your arms out to both sides of your body, connect your thumb and index finger together and bring these into your forearm as much as possible, i.e. your wrist should look like a claw as seen below. You should feel a stretch in your wrist muscles and shoulders. Keep your back straight, look in front and try forget about the pain – imagine you’re flying above the clouds. Hold this position for 1 minute.

Impact – Stronger shoulders, arms and wrists.

You can also combine this with a horse stance for a whole body work out.

Star Jumps – 1 minute

Get your heart rate going with star jumps.

Impact – Shoulder, neck and major leg muscles

Sit Ups – 1 minute

Impact – Back, chest, shoulders, neck and abs, i.e. improves your posture.

Mountain Climbers – 1 minute

Impact – Biceps, triceps, chest and abs

Diamond Push-ups – 1 minute

Impact – Chest, shoulders, triceps and lower back stabiliser.

Cool down!

Cool down does not mean that get back on your hammock. Make you sure you stretch out your impact zone, i.e. wherever you feel it!

Possible Application

While on holiday, in between working up a tan and heading for the buffet – trust me you’ll feel better before and after. I normally do this while feeding my toddler (in between mouthfuls).

Combine this with Horse Power, Hip Hop or Stealth for a 10 minute full body workout.

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