5 Easy Tools for Sniping NFTs and Free Mints

If you think NFTs are going away anytime soon, you are dreaming! The NFT space is exploding, and this trend is not slowing down even in this current 2022 bear market; and offers an excellent time for sniping potential blue-chip at bargain prices. But this is not financial advice in any shape or form!

Degens like me are often overwhelmed by the number of NFT projects coming out daily. Most of these are just garbage offering no utility, and only a handful will make it mid to long-term. Many of these are money grabs where investors will be rugged, and the owners will run away with the funds.

The current trend appears to be NFT projects offering free or very cheap mints with a low supply and high-level flexible road map, for example, Moonrunners and those creepy Goblin Town NFTs. Free mints are especially popular in the Ethereum network, where projects seek to build a community first and deliver later once they have secured funds and partnerships. However, doing free mints for its sake can get expensive with Eth gas fees, so I recommend having a strategy here.

Our strategy here at the Lazy Society is to snipe as many high-quality free mints and cheap Solana projects as possible, offering a solid long-term road map. What we define as ‘high quality is doing our research and checking off the project’s art, founders, roadmap, and community, as mentioned in our simple guide to buying NFTs.

We have also relied on six free and easy tools for sniping NFTs and free mint projects, especially in the current bear market.

1. NextDrop.is

The NextDrop website brings it all together by listing all upcoming NFT drops on the most popular networks (Ethereum and Solana). It also allows you to see what’s popular right now.

The Upcoming NFT Drops page makes it super easy to see what’s popular (by checking out the Twitter and Discord numbers), the number of items, and the mint price straight away in a simple list format.

If you spot an opportunity, you can click on the website and social links to research their art, team, roadmap, and community all from one place.

2. NFT Scoring

I sometimes use the NFT scoring website to see what NFTs are currently trending in the Ethereum network.

The NFT Scoring website makes it easy to see what's trending and snipe NFTs in the short-term.

This website has proven to be an excellent resource for identifying short-term buy and sell opportunities in the NFT space. It also has a live ETH gas tracker at the bottom of the page, which is helpful in timing your snipe.

The paid version at 0.1 ETH per month might be worth it if you are a full-time NFT degen to snipe by the minute.

3. Twitter Hack no. 1 – Search for #freeMINT

Y’all reading this are probably too lazy to open Twitter and type this (I’m proud of you!), so here you go, my fellow degens – https://twitter.com/search?q=%23FreeMint&src=typeahead_click.

This hack will help you get an idea of upcoming free mint projects, do your research, and set up a calendar or alarm.

4. Twitter Hack no. 2 – Follow Free Mint Bots

If you really can’t be bothered to keep using Twitter hack no. 1, I recommend following one of these free mint bots via Twitter and getting automatic notifications on what’s currently minting:

The Free Sniper bots via Twitter brings free mints to the palm of your hand.

It’s easy to get lost in the magical world of free mint bots, so much so that you might find it hard to cross the street without checking your phone (which happened to me a few times lol). What I love about these bots is that you can click on their website, Twitter, and Opensea links directly to sus out engagement.

It’s essential to do your research on free mints and invest smarter without wasting money on ETH gas.

5. Solana NFT Radar Discord

Solana NFTs are growing in popularity due to the rise in its network traffic and quality drops over time. So for you Solana NFT degens, I highly recommend joining the Solana NFT Radar Discord server to identify top upcoming projects and what’s popular amongst their ever-growing community. It’s free to join and has over 20k plus members as I’m writing this article and are hugely interactive even during this bear market. I cannot imagine the amount of buzz in a bull market!

I visit their discord server almost daily to check out the Mint Polls channel for the highest-voted NFT project and do my research via the Magic Eden Marketplace, Twitter, and Discord to see if it’s worth minting. I only look at minting projects under 1 SOL with a low supply via the Magic Eden launchpad = tough task, but I’m up for the challenge.

I love the non-bias daily commentary by @HoTsAuCe on upcoming mints, and keep a close eye on the Top Upcoming Projects channel to sus out any potential blue-chip plays.

If I weren’t so lazy, I might also interact with the community, but I am grateful for their daily alpha and highly recommend following NFT Radar on Twitter.

If you want even more alpha, jump into our Lazy Society Discord server today. We do daily research on the latest NFT tools, airdrop setups, general crypto fundamental news, and trading resources.

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