Will BPA-Free Be The New BPA In 10 Years?

Greenlunch stainless is BPA free and holds more an 6 cups of food

Live smarter and go stainless steal

I, like many other parents, recently bought lunchboxes for my kids going back to school. They were clearly marked BPA free.  ✔️

However, I then read that according to Professor Leo Trasande, paediatrician and internationally renowned leader in children’s environmental health, that the BPA-free plastics we are being sold are just BPA relatives. Oh dear. Choosing to buy made from these plastics, when there are alternatives, is definitely not living smarter in my book!

Trasande says the chemicals in BPA change how our bodies work by shifting the way hormones operate, contributing to disease and disability. Although he reports that the effects of BPA are fairly small compared to what diet and exercise can do for health, they’re real.

With that in mind, I got online looking for non- plastic lunch box alternatives. I was pleasantly surprised that all the plastic options are available in stainless steel and for not much more than what I paid for the plastic versions. Less plastic in circulation also means saving the planet.

Check out this Greenlunch stainless steel 3-in-1 Bento Lunch Box.

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2 Replies to “Will BPA-Free Be The New BPA In 10 Years?

  1. Interesting article! I’m considering switching to all-glass or stainless Tupperware. After reading this, I think I may get on Amazon today and commit to finding a safer alternative. I know the BPA effect may be minimal, but it’s there and there’s no reason not to try to avoid it.

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