Going To Japan With A Heavy Snow Bag? Do It The Easy Way

Lessons learnt from travelling with a snowboard bag to Japan

Yep, I’ve been there and done that 4 times in a row! It was an experience lugging around a 30kg awkward snowboard bag (which is actually taller than I am) from Australia to various Japanese ski resorts. It must have been an amusing sight for the polite locals to see a jet-lagged dopey looking person lugging a massive snowboard bag through busy Tokyo stations and trying to make sure it doesn’t fall over in the packed trains.

Here are me and another mate with our snow bags at the local train station at Nozawa in 2016.

Our relief was short lived because upon arriving at the local train station I tripped a couple of times and it took three people to lift the bag on top of the taxi and tie it with rope = NOT FUN OR SMART!

Use this simple travel hack and make it easier for yourself

For all you shredders (with your beloved ski or snowboard gear that you can’t live without… I understand!) going to Japan for an epic snow holiday I highly recommend a door to door parcel delivery service called TA-Q-BIN. After all, this is all about enjoying every minute of your seamless Japan snow holiday door-to-door.

You can send a bag of any type from Narita or Haneda airports all the way to a ski resort for as little as 1000 Yen and a snowboard body bag for around 2500 Yen.

You can send your bags from Terminal 3 in Narita airport at the Lawson Store or the GPA counter in Terminal 2.

When you send your bags back from the ski resort to Narita, the GPA office will be near the check-in counters for your flight. Click here for more information.

Take your own ski or snowboard gear and do it the easy way with the TA-Q-BIN service, because it’s all worth it!

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