5-Minute Quiet and Intense Workout – Stealth!

Stealth 5 minute workout

Stealth is perfect for those who want a quiet and intensive workout in a small space without disturbing their family or neighbors. No equipment is needed, and you can work out from home or anywhere to get your daily workout fix.

Please read no further if you have any existing health conditions like sustained injuries, back issues etc.


  1. Your favourite tunes
  2. Warm up properly
  3. Be intense and focused

Here’s how ‘Stealth’ works

Lunge Punches – 1 minute

Get in a horse stance with both your fists next to your hips and punch to the front and sides, as illustrated in the video below. There is no need to make any forward lunges, and it’s all about moving your hips from side to side. The harder you punch, the more calories you burn.

Impact – Lower body work out for hips and thighs

Straight Leg Tricep Dips – 1 minute

Sit on the edge of your bed, couch, or a stable something and keep your hands just outside your hips and follow the video below.

Impact – Tricep muscles

Flying Horse Stance – 1 minute

  1. Get in a ‘horse stance’ position and go as low you can go.
  2. Extend your arms out to both sides of your body, keep your hands extended out, and imagine they have been tied to either side of you. You should feel a stretch in your wrist muscles and shoulders.
  3. Keep your back straight, close your eyes try to forget about the pain – imagine you’re on a tropical beach and whatever comfort you can think of. Hold this position for 1 minute.

Impact – Stronger legs and arms

Crisscross Crunch – 1 minute

Focus on your core by doing a solid minute of criss-cross ab crunches as demonstrated in the video below.

Superman – 1 minute

Last but not least, be kind to your back muscles with the Superman exercise.

  1. Lie face down with arms and legs straight during the exercise. Keep your head facing the floor in a neutral neck position.
  2. Raise your hand and legs 4-5 inches off the ground.
  3. Hold for 5 seconds, then return to the starting position.
  4. Do as many as possible in 1 minute.

Cool down! 

Cool-down does not mean that you hit the pool. Make sure you stretch out your impact zone, i.e., wherever you feel it!

Possible Application

A library? Nah maybe that’s a bit too adventurous. This workout is perfect for these types of scenarios:

  • You’re in an upstairs place with noise-sensitive floorboards and neighbors.
  • You’re on holiday in your hotel room, people are all asleep, but you have an urge for a quick workout. You don’t want to wake them on.
  • You’ve found a small space (size of a single mattress or less) for a workout.

Increase workout time as you go (i.e. try the horse stance for 2 mins) to increase your fitness levels. The longer you go, the more beneficial it will be for your overall health.

Combine this with Horse Power, Wings, or Hip Hop for a more intense 10-minute full-body workout.

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