5-Minute Workout Anywhere – Horse Power!

Horse Power 5 minute fitness hack to live smarter

Welcome to our first ‘fitness hack’ post!

These 5-minute workouts are designed for those on the run, those who make the excuse that work-outs take too long and those wanting to work-out smarter. It’ll only take 5 minutes of your time so give this a go! What have you got to lose!

Fitness is strongly encouraged here at The Lazy Society as it contributes to healthier living and therefore living smarter. These 5-minute workouts combine powerful Chinese Wu Shu (kung fu) with modern high impact exercises proven to deliver maximum health benefits.

No equipment is needed and you can work out anywhere to get your daily work out fix.

Please read no further if you have any existing health conditions like sustained injuries, back issues etc.


  1. Your favourite tunes
  2. Warm up properly
  3. Be intense and focused

Here’s how ‘Horse Power’ works

Horse stance – 1 minute

Get in a ‘horse stance’ position (like below), go as low you can go, keep both hands in front of you and hold it there for 1 minute. Keep your back as straight as possible and focus on an object in front of you for the entire 1 minute.

Impact – Lower body work out for quads and thighs

Burpees – 1 minute

Impact – Full body muscle building and cardio

Tricep push ups – 1 minute

Keep your arms against your chest during these workouts to focus on your forearms.

Impact – Stronger tricep muscles

Plank hold – 1 minute

Impact – Stronger abs

Side plank hold – 1 minute

Like the one below but with a ‘kung fu’ twist where you keep your hands as a fist and placed against your sides. Push down on your sides and hold for a more effective workout.

Impact – Better balance and healthy posture

Cool down! 

Cool down does not mean that you get back on the couch. Make you sure you stretch out your impact zone, i.e. wherever you feel it!

If you did this properly, you should be sweating. If you aren’t sweating you’re either really fit or not doing it properly and should start again.

Possible Application

Anywhere! Try it on a plane if you’re feeling adventurous. I normally do this while waiting for my 3-year-old to finish his bath.

Increase work out time as you go (i.e. try the horse stance for 2 mins) to increase your fitness levels. The longer you go, the more beneficial it will be for your overall health.

Combine this with Wings, Hip Hop or Stealth for a more intense 10 minute full body workout.

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