Easy Ways To Be More Eco-friendly Around Your Home

Easy ways to be eco-friendly around your home

Below are some simple eco-friendly ways to be more self-sustainable by making simple changes to your home, save on utility bills and help our planet along. If we each don’t do our little bit to help our planet Earth recover from the beating down it got from us, that’s it… there is no planet B!

1. Switch to solar energy

Switching to solar energy will help you save money and contribute towards saving our planet in the long term. Check out our simple guide for switching over to solar energy and replace your electricity bill here. If you live in a small inner-city apartment where putting solar panels on a roof is not an option, check out the Window Solar Charger from GroupHug to keep your devices charged.

2. Swap to energy efficient light bulbs

Swap all your light bulbs around your home to more energy-efficient LED light bulbs, which use 75% less energy than their standard counterparts. These also release less heat and will help lower your electricity bill.

3. Swap to water efficient shower heads

Showers make up 22% of total water usage in a household. By switching to a water-efficient showerhead, households can save a lot of money and water consumption each year. This Methven Rua Shower Head uses 28% less water without comprising on the water pressure. I hate those eco-friendly shower heads which hold back!

4. Insulate where possible

If you live in extreme climates and have a climate control system, heaters, or air conditioners running all day, it’s important to make sure your home is well insulated. Here are some simple eco-friendly ways to keep the good stuff indoors and save on energy bills:

  • Consider double glazing any windows if you don’t already have them. Double glazing may be a big investment at first but will save you money in the long.
  • Install honeycomb blinds to give you heat protection in the summer and keep your house warm in the winter. These blinds help trap the air inside them to create an extra barrier between the outdoors and indoors.
  • Seal gaps in between doors and windows using Weather Seal.
  • Weather door seals for gaps under neat your doors. This is also a good way to keep pests out as it seals tight when the door closes.

5. Buy and use recycled products

Help our planet along by buying recycled products whenever possible to reduce plastic waste, ending waste management centers. This includes buying recycled kitchen paper, toilet paper, tissues, bin bags, printing paper, and so on.

Always remember to take your eco-friendly reusable shopping bags to the shops to avoid relying on plastic bags.

6. Indoor plants

Indoor plants not only give your home a nice ambiance but it gets rid of any toxins and neutralizes the air. This eco-friendly option will add freshness to your home naturally (without the use of chemical sprays) and help create a healthy environment for you and your family.

7. Go paperless and simplify your life

Going paperless at home can help you live and work smarter and help save the planet by reducing the paper waste pilling up at landfills. Check out our 10 easy ways to go paperless and simplify your life here.

8. Grow your own produce

Growing your own produce at home better for you (being completely organic), save on grocery bills, and is better for our planet. There are no excuses whether you live in a house, apartment, or a shared space. If you live in the midst of a concrete jungle, you could be the one to inspire change by raising the idea of a community garden.

9. Water the garden smarter

The Gardena Smart System is an app-controlled water system that enables you to monitor the garden’s soil moisture and water from anywhere, even while relaxing having a mojito on some Caribbean beach. This cool gadget will help save water, lower your utility bills, and never worry about thirsty plants again. All the better for your planet!

10. Remove weeds the easy way without chemicals

Say goodbye to a bad back and putting chemicals in your garden for that arduous task of removing weeds. The Tertill Robot Garden Weeder is an eco-friendly cool gadget that is perfect for lazy people to maintain their garden smarter, not harder.

Key features:

  • Rugged, waterproof shell
  • A large solar panel that keeps it charged without electricity
  • Fully automated right out of the box
  • Child and pet friendly
  • requires minimal maintenance, and has
  • Measure 11.7″ by 11.7″ by 7.2″ and weighs 48oz
  • It connects to an Android or iOS app via Bluetooth and informs you about the garden conditions and what Tertill has been doing.

11. Transform your outdoor space with eco-friendly gadgets

Check out these simple eco-friendly gardening gadgets to help you stay lazy and transform your outdoor space.

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