Ride Cool Runnings With The K2 Rival Pro Snow Helmet

Listen to beats the easy way with K2 Rival Pro Snow Helmet

Why snowboarding with music is fun

I love snowboarding with music. The only thing better than shredding down the mountain is shredding down the mountain with a great playlist blasting in my ears at the same time. The K2 Rival Pro Helmet keeps me in the zone during challenging runs, relaxed while cruising around and helps avoid awkward conversations with strangers on chairlifts/gondolas.

Go cool runnings with the K2 Rival Pro Snow Helmet

Let’s start with the lessons learnt:

  1. When I was first starting out, I slipped a pair of earphones under a helmet that I had hired – these are very uncomfortable and hurt your ears after about 5 minutes of continuous use = not fun! Might as well replace the helmet with a beany, look slightly cooler and risk safety on the mountain.
  2. I bought a pair of ‘snow helmet’ speakers that slip into a compatible helmet – Biggest waste of money! The sound quality is poor and they stopped working after a while. You have to fork out a lot of money to get a decent speaker set and a compatible helmet.
  3. I saw a crazy person carrying a massive speaker on their shoulders while skiing – typical skiers LOL WTF! This is a health hazard and destroys the serenity of being at the snow. Don’t try this at home or at your local ski resort.

The K2 Rival Pro Helmet is quality

Invest in a good quality helmet with built-in speakers and do it the easy way.

If you want to be at ‘one’ with the snow by listening to your favourite beats whilst riding, I recommend getting a K2 Rival Pro Helmet with built-in speakers which seamlessly connects to your cell phone or media player. I’ve had mine since 2015 and they’ve been through some whirlwind adventures here in Australia, twice to Japan and Canada. They’ve also taken some big hits (crash landings) but are still going strong. Just make sure that you keep the 3.5mm braided fabric audio cable secured under your jacket so they don’t fall off when you take the helmet off on your breaks. Keep one as a back up just in case and you’ll be fine.

The K2 Rival Pro Helmet is light, stylish, very comfortable to wear, keeps me warm (even without wearing a head mask) and the music quality is excellent. I swear by these even though the current Amazon reviews don’t reflect my views. This newer 2018 K2 Phase Pro helmet has better reviews overall and might be one to consider.

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